AI-driven culinary discovery at your fingertips

Compose your own dishes instantly based on culinary preferences.

AI-driven culinary discovery at your fingertips

about the project

Culinary revolution: a tool that adapts recipes to your tastes and restrictions

For one of our clients from food-tech industry we’ve developed a tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate recipes and accompanying images based on individual preferences, ingredients on hand, and dietary restrictions.

The goal was to speed up content creation process, aligning as much as possible with dietary requirements and limitations and inspire to try new food combinations.

How the Tool Works

Get your recipe in a few simple steps

1. Input Preferences: Share your dietary needs, flavor likes, and available ingredients.

2. Receive Recipes: Our AI evaluates your input and creates recipes designed just for you.

3. Explore Images: Each recipe is paired with a generated image to guide your preparation and presentation.

Marcin Stanisławski  |  Head of Business Development

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