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LLM-enhanced eNPS

Focusing HR specialists on insights,
not menial work

HR teams have to analyse various feedback surveys. In large organizations with thousands of employees, each survey means tens to hundreds of hours spent analyzing the responses.

Integrating Large Language Models into the software platform made this task instantaneous and available without human effort.

The Challenge


What can be improved in our company?

This question has led us to two challenging answers:

1. Elevate Salaries:

Addressing sub-market salaries to ensure fair compensation.

2. Fostering Positive Culture:

Enhancing management practices for a more supportive and enjoyable workplace, recognizing that a great salary alone may not suffice without a conducive work environment."

The next challenges to tackle

Sentiment analysis
Common themes
Indirect feedback hidden in plain sight.
Sentiment analysis
Common themes
Indirect feedback hidden in plain sight.

The solution:

AI implementation

The sentiment analysis is just a part of the puzzle. But thanks to AI solutions, HR departments also gain a creative partner in translating the data into actionable insights.

The strategic shift

  • The software platform increased the efficiency of the customer success team supporting key accounts with analytical services by 40%

  • Thanks to the AI-enhanced software it’s also a tool that injects an AI-powered workflow and improves the efficiency of HR teams

  • Helping their clients use the data as strategic advantage

  • Transitioning to a domain-specific data-driven company

AI survey tool
Marcin Stanisławski  |  Head of Business Development

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