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123+ million USD in revenue generated, 7 million products sold, and more than 31,000+ video shows - Sprii's journey to success.

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The company and product

Sprii is a live-selling solution founded in 2020 by Nikolai Aas Pedersen and Christian Degn Vester.

From the start, It was developed with small business retailers in mind to help them move their operations online during the Covid-19 pandemic. The founders wanted to find a way to support them in this transition and build a tool that’s easy to use and intuitive.

It’s now used by larger companies, with 700 enterprises listed as hosts. It allows the retailers to produce live video shows to present their products online - these products can be purchased by customers directly from the platform, without the need to leave the live show.

Once the Sprii team had an initial draft of the application and the backend that could serve as an engine, they contacted us with the details and the development process could begin.

Client’s feedback

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Nikolai Aas Pedersen


Nikolai Aas Pedersen

Outstanding flexibility

The level of transparency at Monterail is unmatched, with the development team knowing what’s going on with our partnership at all times. There’s no middle layer between them and our team, and they also present outstanding flexibility. The developers are fast to respond and make changes.

Scope and Highlights





live shopping events


products sold

123M+ USD

revenue generated

The Challenge

The team at Elisa had previous experience working with other nearshore software development companies, so Monterail was a safe bet for them.

After a prompt assessment, it was apparent that the team needed help with shaping the branding, UI, and UX of the product. Our team then quickly developed a Proof-of-Concept of one of the elements of Sprii, the video streaming feature, with help from one of Monterail’s Frontend Developers and Product Designer.

As mentioned, the Sprii team wanted to support local enterprises and that’s why the solution had to be easy to use and accessible to almost anyone, even people who are not tech-savvy and have not used similar products before.

Key challenges

Finding product-market fit for the PoC as quickly as possible
Integrating the product with the Facebook API for an accessible live selling experience
Developing unique branding and a plug-and-play solution that could be used by any business owner
Finding product-market fit for the PoC as quickly as possible
Integrating the product with the Facebook API for an accessible live selling experience
Developing unique branding and a plug-and-play solution that could be used by any business owner

The Process

Our partnership started with the Discovery Workshops that helped shape the initial Proof of Concept version of the app and decide on the next steps from the business perspective.

During this initial phase, the team also worked on user story mapping and identifying the steps that potential users - both customers and retailers - may take. Once we have the product vision, the roadmap, and the branding ready to use, we could start working on the frontend of what would later become the Sprii application. 

The initial Proof of Concept was then turned into a fully-fledged, cross-platform product developed using Ionic and Flutter. We also introduced Composition API instead of Options API and Typescript to the project.

This is how we made it happen:

  • Daily standups to ensure that both teams (BE and FE) are aligned.

  • Shared responsibility for the product, with our specialists managing the product design and the frontend part.

  • Iterative approach to application development - from a POC to a completely developed product.

Sprii Application Screenshot

  • Sprii application
  • Sprii application
  • Sprii application

Team’s voice

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Magdalena Szczur


Magdalena Szczur

Close collaboration

The collaboration between our team and our client’s team is really close - we have daily meetings and the responsibility for the backend and frontend is equally divided between our teams, with Monterail managing the latter.

The Outcome

The final result of our collaboration is an established live selling application with a modern look and feel that has been actively used by more than 700 retailers so far, with 2 million orders placed annually and more than 10,000 video shows hosted on the platform every year.

The product has also a growing base of customers interested in purchasing items via Sprii. They can sign up to follow their favorite brands and tune in for the live streaming sessions.

As a part of the software maintenance process, our team also conducted a UX audit during a template we developed based on our 12-year experience in working on UX/UI projects. The analysis included investigation into the existing Sprii designs using i.a. Nielsen Heuristics Analysis, Severity Scale, and Cognitive Walkthroughs. This way, the team was not only able to spot issues and inconsistencies in UX but also fix them almost instantly, especially when the changes didn’t require additional design work.

You can read more about our work for Sprii and download the template to use for your project here:

Monterail’s UX Audit template

The success of this project hinged on the following factors:

  • Detailed scope drafted at the beginning of our partnership during the Discovery Workshop.

  • Intuitive eCommerce environment where retailers are able to start hosting live shows in seconds, without any technical background necessary.

  • Using product design best practices, with design changes applied continuously to the product and integrations with other sales platforms such as Magento and Shopify.

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