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State of Vue.js Report

Crafted for developers and technology businesses interested in making educated decisions about their technology stack

What’s inside

We have compiled the most important Vue-related information and business use cases into a single report. In this 80-page-long book you will find out:

  • what’s the future of Vue.js according to Evan You, the framework’s creator
  • how companies such as Adobe, Behance, Codeship, and GitLab use Vue.js
  • why 96% software developers would use Vue.js again for their next project
  • what are the major sources of knowledge about Vue.js
  • how Vue.js evolved over the years

What will happen to my email?

We need your email address to send you your copy of State of Vue.js (of course), and other fresh Vue-related content.

Our team will also ask you for your feedback on the report. If you’ll get bored, annoyed or anything else with our messages (but hey, we promise you won’t!), you can remove your email from our list. Simple as that.

Chris Fritz

Chris Fritz

Vue.js Core Team Member

"The results of the State of Vue.js survey provide really interesting insights into the minds of developers and CTOs using Vue. It has been essential in planning our near-future roadmap."

Damian Dulisz

Damian Dulisz

Developer at Monterail

"If you still wonder why Vue claims to be the progressive framework, you should read the case studies part. With each subsequent interview we did, I became more and more impressed by how flexible Vue is when solving many different problems. All that in a relatively simple and elegant way, like no other framework before."