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Why we love paying for Trello

Bartosz Pietrzak

April 18, 2013 | business

Trello recently launched an early access of „Business Class” (if you don't have it yet, you can apply here).

The wording is perfect - little wink to the airline industry seems far better than „premium”, „paid” or „pro plan”.

We use Trello on a daily basis throughout every section of the company - from IT management, administration and accounting to keeping track of our digital library and book requests. Yet there was a little fear in the back of my head: we rely on it so much but we don't pay for it.

Agreeing fully with „Don't be a free user”, the news about Trello giving its users a way to pay for the software was something I wanted to share with the team instantly. And so I did.

Dominik replied: what does it mean for us, non-admins? My reply was simple: it's paid and it won't disappear overnight (or at least leave us without data, as pointed on HN).

We don't need the pro features. We simply appreciate the safety and want to support the product.

Learn more!
Learn more!