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Learn more about the current state of cross-platform development with insights and deep-dives from our experts.

Cross Platform Development Guide
  • Popular framework icon

    Cross-platform development 101 with a list of the most popular frameworks and use cases.

  • How to build a cross-platform application from scratch icon

    How to build a cross-platform application from scratch and how the rewrite process looks like.

  • Interview icon

    An interview with our Flutter Developer, Ruslan Zaripov where he dismantles the common misconceptions about  cross-platform development.

  • Real-life examples icon

    Real-life examples from our 12+-year software development journey.


Hubert Białęcki portrait

Hubert Białęcki

Mobile Principal Engineer

Oleksandra Vytiahlovska portrait

Alex Vytiahlovska

Javascript developer

Ruslan Zaripov portrait

Ruslan Zaripov

Flutter developer

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