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Delivering a POC for real estate video tours in four hours and a custom proptech app in four days

Jan Solecki

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The Company and Product is the biggest online real estate marketplace in Poland, with considerable investor appealit was acquired by Ringier Axel Springer Media (RASM). Although Morizon currently lists over 320,000 properties for sale and rent (the largest number of listings in Poland), visiting them in person was very difficult due to the safety precautions implemented in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 


That’s why they needed an online tool that would allow their representatives and property sellers to present the listed properties to potential buyers. Instead of relying on external software, the team at Morizon decided to build a custom tool with support from the Monterail developers.

As all businesses faced by the pandemic nowadays, we needed to act quickly and adopt the unusual conditions as fast as possible. Thanks to Monterail's help and skill set, we managed to allow our customers to continue their business operations without significant losses to either quality or productivity. It gave our business the cutting edge over the competitors and we’re planning to continue developing our new app in the near future. Michał Jaskólski VP OF PRODUCT AT MORIZON

Scope and Highlights


The Challenge

To continue operating despite these unfavorable circumstances, the client decided to digitize the process and introduce a video tour to their Web and mobile app, starting with a quick proof of concept (POC). 

The client didn’t want an off-the-shelf solution like Zoom, which would require potential customers and property owners to install additional apps. Instead, they decided to build an app and release it within their own domain to maintain a consistent brand and user experience.


The Process

Our Project Manager began by gathering detailed information to draw up a scope. Then, the whole team met with Morizon’s VP of Product to plan the process, lay out the requirements, and plan the workflow. As the POC, by definition, covers only part of the future product, we focused on delivering crucial elements and testing them on the go. The whole team was working on delivering the app on a custom domain accessible via a shareable link and doing it in the shortest time possible.

The key requirement on the client side was to have an extremely intuitive application that would be comfortable for real estate agents and end users. 

The process was blazingly fast. Only four hours passed from the first call with Morizon to POC delivery. Then, it took us only four days to provide affiliated real estate agents with the production version of the app.

The whole team was extremely determined to help Morizon transform digitally in the new area and willingly took up the challenge. They adapted to a dynamically-changing situation well and put in the necessary effort to get a good understanding of the client’s business needs. It was a brief but very intense period! Grzegorz Hajdukiewicz Chief Delivery Officer

The Outcome

Morizon received a proof of concept in four hours and a production version of the app four days later. 

Video tours are now available to potential customers interested in property offers from both primary and secondary markets in Poland. Interested buyers can now participate in these tours by clicking a shareable link to Morizon’s custom domain.

Furthermore, adding online video property tours to their listings allowed Morizon to pull ahead of the competition at a crucial time. It's now the first and only company in the Polish real estate industry to offer such a capability. 

Morizon is planning further app development and adding it to the offer permanently as they perceive it as a huge competitive advantage.

Video tours can make the decision process shorter, allow for the reality-check of the offer and let buyers react immediately to the best market offers.

Key benefits for the client included: