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Sprii - Case Study


A live selling platform built with Vue and Ionic


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The Company and Product

ELISA is a live shopping company founded in 2021 by Christian Degn Vester and brothers, Nikolai Aas Pedersen and Rasmus Aas Pedersen. Recently, the company released Sprii - a live shopping platform that allows retailers to host online live shopping events and present their products to a large audience in a format that feels personal rather than technical and distant.

The initial concept for the enterprise was born right when the first Covid-19 lockdown was implemented in Denmark and Nikolai’s mom had to suddenly take her café’s operations online and start selling takeaways

The founders wanted to find a way to support her in this transition and then realized that their concept could help other business owners. Once they had a draft of their initial version of the ELISA application and the backend that could serve as an engine for the final product, they contacted us with the details and the development process could begin.

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The level of transparency at Monterail is unmatched, with the development team knowing what’s going on with our partnership at all times. There’s no middle layer between them and our team, and they also present outstanding flexibility. The developers are fast to respond and make changes. Nikolai Aas Pedersen FOUNDER AND PRODUCT DEVELOPER AT ELISA AND SPRII

Scope and Highlights


The Challenge

Although the vetting process wasn’t long, the team at Sprii had previous experience working with other nearshore software development companies, so Poland was a safe bet for them. They wanted to ensure that the communication flow between their team and the technology partner would be effortless and conducted without any interruptions. 

While the ELISA team was confident about the technologies they wanted to use for developing the application (Vue and Ionic), they also wanted to differentiate themselves from the competitors. They decided to do that by targeting not only larger companies but also small and medium-sized businesses. Sprii is an ideal live selling tool for this type of enterprises which is unusual as they're not in the target audience for other similar ecommerce solutions available on the market.

The team at ELISA wanted to support local companies, and that’s why the planned tool had to be easy to use and accessible to almost anyone, even people who are not tech-savvy and have not used similar products before.

Key challenges of the project included:


The Process

Our partnership started with the Discovery Workshops that helped shape the initial Proof of Concept Version of the application and decide on the next steps from a solely business perspective. Once we had the product vision, the roadmap, and the branding ready to use, we could start working on the frontend of what would later become the Sprii application. 

The Proof of Concept was then turned into a fully-fledged, cross-platform product developed using Ionic. We also introduced Composition API instead Options API and Typescript to the project.

This is how we made it happen:

The collaboration between our team and our client’s team is really close - we have daily meetings and the responsibility for the backend and the frontend is equally divided between our teams, with Monterail managing the latter. Magdalena Szczur PROJECT MANAGER


The Outcome

The final product can be used by sellers (hosts of live selling videos) and by regular users who’d like to keep up with the offering of their local stores, watch the videos live or on-demand, and purchase the items without leaving the platform.

By June 2022, the ELISA application was used by 700 companies with 2 million orders placed annually. During the Black Week (November 21st - 25th) of 2022 648 live shows were hosted on the platform and the overall number of live shopping sessions in 2021 was 10,000.

The success of this project hinged on the following factors:

Sprii web and mobile app view