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Elixir Phoenix Development Services

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For the best scalability and maintainability, Elixir Phoenix is your go-to performance boosting technology.

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Why should you consider Elixir Phoenix?

Elixir Phoenix is a one-of-a-kind evolution of Ruby and Rails. Our backend developers come from Ruby on Rails background where the syntax is very similar to Elixir Phoenix.

The fast-growing and supportive community is reminiscent of the early days of Rails. Yet, Elixir with its fundamentals in Erlang, is ultra-performant and follows the share-nothing architecture. That means a fault tolerance that states that you’ll always keep the system running.

As a functional programming language, it avoids mutable state of data and makes the whole code easier to test. There are some good cases when web development with this framework makes better technical sense—like for real-time apps, high-availability products, and apps with expected future growth.

Our developers will help you squeeze the most out of Elixir Phoenix

It’s scalable

Scaling with Elixir is easier than in Ruby. It runs on Erlang Virtual Machine, which is a proven solution for products that scale fast. With virtualized servers over a distributed system, your app will work whether you have ten or ten thousand users.


It’s highly performant

Together Elixir and Phoenix are super fast. When we speak about user experience, speed matters. Elixir can handle high traffic without extra costs for additional servers.


It’s reliable

This key advantage of Erlang was inherited by Elixir. Erlang is known as a battle-proven technology, which means Elixir will handle traffic spikes and user growth well.

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It’s battle-tested

Elixir Phoenix is loved by companies which serve thousands (even millions) of users a day. Some recognizable names include: Pinterest, Moz, Bet365, and Bleacher Report.


Work with developers who know their craft

Choosing the right software development company translates into continuity and scalability of your product.

At Monterail, we write code that will continue to work for you when your app grows and more customers use it.

You will be taken care of on every stage of your growth: from idea and concept, through design, development and maintenance.

  • Full-service team
  • 140+ experts under one roof
  • 11 years on the market

  • Over 360 successful projects delivered
  • 96% client satisfaction rating

Our team has worked on over 360 projects. Here's a sample.

Confidently build your next big thing

Need confirmation that Elixir Phoenix is the right choice for your product? Schedule a call with our team—we’d be happy to estimate your project. Without any costs.

Our team will get back to you within 24 hrs.