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Turn to Elixir if you want to build fast, concurrent, fault-tolerant apps for the web. Enjoy scaling up your software product without worrying about performance.


Why choose Elixir?
Elixir is a functional and dynamic programming language first released in 2012, so it’s still relatively new. Since then, it’s been gaining popularity because it’s highly scalable, reliable, and great for microservices and cloud computing. Elixir offers the most with his framework friend - Phoenix. Together, they could be used in any application development for virtually any industry.

The language is a prime choice for projects that need to support concurrency and low latency, and handle a lot of traffic. Applications built with Elixir scale well, they can grow without losing reliability, all the while improving overall performance. In business terms, that means more users, customers, and a higher ROI.

It’s scalable
Scaling with Elixir is easy. It runs on Erlang Virtual Machine which is a proven solution for products that grow at a rapid pace. With Elixir, your app will work whether you have ten or ten thousand users.
Together Elixir and Phoenix are super fast. And speed matters when we speak about user experience. Elixir can handle great traffic without extra costs for additional servers.
Thanks to syntax similar to  Ruby’s, Elixir is easy to take up meaning you can extend your team quickly. Developers at Monterail learned it from scratch in a couple meetings.
Since 2012, Elixir has been trusted by some of the big names like Pinterest, Moz, Bet365, PepsiCo, Spotify and more. And it made its presence strongly felt in the IT landscape.

Elixir Use Cases

The following use cases show that Progressive Web Apps can drive impressive results and help companies thrive.

Pinterest - half the servers, 10 times less code

Pinterest is one of the biggest online companies to have successfully used Elixir. In Q3 of 2018, the service had 250 million active users pinning 175 billion items to their boards. After their conversion to Elixir in 2014, they managed to speed up the performance of their notification system delivering 14,000 notifications per second and cut down the number of servers by half—from 30 to just 15—compared to when the service relied on Java

Discord - 11 million concurrent users

Discord is a powerful audio/video communication tool that started out as a chat platform for gamers, because it seamlessly handles audio input on thousands of voice communication channels at once. Right now, it went beyond serving the gaming community and became a communication and collaboration tool of choice for many companies and organizations. They used Elixir to build their service and thanks to this, in 2017 they were successfully handling 5 million concurrent users and millions of events per second. In 2019, Discord used Rust to solve the problem of immutable data structures in Elixir, and they thus could reach 11 million concurrent users.

Seat Unique Case Study 

Seat Unique is an innovative marketplace platform founded in 2018 in the UK to fill the gap in online access to premium tickets and hospitality package for sport, music and cultural events. 


With a brand new Elixir and RoR-based app, they wanted to reshape the outdated, lengthy, and complicated buyer journey that dominated the market.


In 2018, they received a platform that immediately caught the users’ attention with ease of use and improved customer journey. After 3 years on the market, Seat Unique had a steady-growing base of 7000+ users. Upcoming improvements to the platform will increase the conversion rate and expand the offered inventory.


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