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Web Application Development Services


With a proven process and commitment to quality code, we build stable, scalable web applications your customers will love.

We offer support to companies at every stage of their growth:


We help you achieve a proof of concept for your Web app, create a prototype, design, and prepare your very first MVP.


Small and midsize businesses

Thanks to our Agile web developers, your product will be ready to face the ever-changing world with best suited programming language.



Our team of savvy pros will collaborate with you to bring your vision for the product to life and will gladly meet even the strictest requirements.


We know what’s crucial in Web application development:


Thanks to our expertise in building scalable database-backed web apps, your product will be ready for future expansion.


Ease of maintenance

Peer code review, testing automation, open source and short development cycles help minimize maintenance and rework costs.

Ease of maintenance


We respect your and your users’ privacy and will make sure all your data remains outside the reach of any third parties.

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Merck DORA Success Story

Merck DORA is a Web application aimed at African healthcare markets that helps identify diabetes-related conditions. We improved the application’s UX/UI and optimized the performance, delivering a lightweight and fast product.


Alexander Hoffman

Head of Digitalization Africa, Merck

I was impressed by Monterail’s services. Once they had fully and objectively analysed the problems, they set about producing an original and extremely adequate application solution for the needs of healthcare providers in Kenya.

See our other Case Studies.

Merck case study

Our Technology 


Ruby Node.js PostgreSQL React.js AngularJS Vue.js

Web app development for clients from a broad range of industries

Web-based applications are our bread and butter and we’ve developed over 200 projects for clients from all around the world. As your partner, we will be fully committed to understanding your industry in a comprehensive manner in order to help your product succeed.






Financial Services and Fintech




Marketing and Adtech




Social Media



Web Development Process

We deliver web apps using a proven process, designed to save you time and money.                                   

We love Agile and work in Scrum on a daily basis. We will prototype, test, and enhance your app to deliver the cutting-edge product your business deserves.

Using Agile means that every iteration brings new business value to your application and pushes it forward. We will keep you involved in the app development process, so you can always make smart business decisions and make sure our work aligns with your vision.

Web development process

Our Approach to Web Development



and in-house

We can run your project from the very beginning to the very end without involving any remote contractors. Product designers, QA specialists, developers, business analysts - the will all work side by side (literally), ensuring smooth teamwork during your app development process.


Tech lead support

A dedicated tech lead will make sure the project runs like a well-oiled machine, regardless of the programming language used. If needed, they will step into the role of your virtual CTO and serve as the guardian of code quality for your web app. 


Cherry-picked team

We match people to project, not the other way around. Once we know your expectations, we will assemble a team od Web developers with extensive experience in creating products similar to yours. You'll get to work with real experts with knowledge matching your needs. 

Get a fast response

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