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MVP or Enhancement?

When building a web application, you can use two types of development: MVP and Product Enhancement. The first is for applications that need to be built from scratch, and the second is great for current products that need further development or improvement.

MVP or Enancement?

MVP Web Development

When building a web application, we recommend the MVP development approach. You’ll achieve a faster release, reduced costs, more time for testing, and tangible feedback. The MVP will help you know whether your business idea will work or not, what your users expect, and what functionalities you’ll need to change.

A Minimum Viable Product is especially important for startups and medium-sized businesses that need to establish product-market fit quickly, without investing significant money.

We want your business to leverage evidence, instead of assumptions. A well-developed MVP won’t be a buggy mess with limited usage and features. It’s a complete and usable software that allows you to test, gain user insights, prove your ideas, and improve development continuously based on real testing and feedback.

What is an MVP?
Web development services

Proof of concept

We can also build a proof-of-concept. This is a simpler, shorter, and cheaper alternative to an MVP. It’s great to prove your idea in a high-risk area, if it will work, if people will like it, or if there’s any demand. But unlike an MVP, it won’t allow you to generate revenue for further development.

Web Product Enhancement

If you’d like to update, improve or further develop your existing web application, our strategies for refactoring and bringing legacy code applications up-to-date include: A thorough research of the industry to understand the evolution of the users and competitors, analysis of the features and updates needed, and getting familiar with your product, to how to work with it and change it without breaking it.

We adjust to the coding standard of the current application, we build new features on top of it and integrate new tools. While introducing these updates, we won’t be causing any downtime on production servers, which means your application will continue to run and be used by the users while we modernize it piece by piece.

Our web development case studiesExtradom

Extradom logo

3D Interior Design Web App

This 3D interior design Web app needed a truly customer-oriented solution, app stability, and shiny UX/UI. The app is accessible with no installation, with high stability and performance. It very quickly gained a four-digit number of active users and by 2018 it sold for $19.8 M.

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Extradom screenshot


Two delivery strategies

Depending on your product requirements, budget, company size, and other factors, our team will adjust to your needs to ensure a smooth cooperation. We can help you choose between our two delivery strategies.

in Stages

When you have a set budget or you’re looking for constant support. This strategy focuses on different stages and periodic development. Starting with full-velocity of product or feature delivery and software up-keep during the UX research - which enables client support after the application has been launched.


Thanks to this strategy, you can react to your users’ feedback almost instantly. It’s a constant loop process that includes: analysis & research, discovery workshops, designing, developing, testing, and releasing the product to collect user data, which we'll use to determine what updates and features the app will need next.

Continuous development in Monterail projects

Even from one sprint to another, our team will be at your disposal to quickly introduce improvements. We prototype, test, and enhance your app to deliver the cutting-edge product you deserve. Every iteration brings new business value and pushes your application forward. You’ll always be involved in the development process, to ensure our work aligns with your vision.

Our team aims for

Client satisfaction

Client satisfaction

We continuously monitor and gather feedback from all of our clients in order to improve our services and adapt the delivery process. This way, we can ensure that our collaboration is satisfactory to you and future clients.

Fast delivery process

Fast delivery process

We want you to get your app out there as soon as possible, and gather feedback from your users. Thanks to the MVP approach you’ll save money and time, and the scope will be under control.



We discuss priorities, long term plans and get feedback on regular meetings and shared communication channels with all the stakeholders. Every week, we share detailed timesheets to talk about budget, costs, risks, and opportunities.

Read our case studyMerck

Merck Unite logo

A Healthcare-oriented Web Application

To overhaul an existing app, we conducted extensive market research. The data showed users with a wide range of devices and resolutions (720x1280 to 360x640) and slow internet. We developed a lightweight app (only 0.7 MB), with a brand new interface using client guidelines. The application is available in multiple languages and increased by 8 African countries.

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Merck Unite screenshot


One team for every stage

Read our case studiesAfriwise

Afriwise logo

Intuitive Legal-oriented Web Platform

We were selected among 50 developing companies for our MVP approach with a flexible scope. The app is user-friendly for a non-tech audience. Its flexible database allows continuous expansion, listing over 100 law firms, 3000 experts, and 4000 logins since 2019. Afriwise has won multiple awards and a private million-euro investment.

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Afriwise screenshots

Technologies we use


Industry-focused Web Development

Develop a web application tailored to your industry needs. To help your digital product succeed, we commit to comprehensively research your market and build an innovative solution that’s customized to your business, speaks your values and targets the right audience.

Using top-performing technologies, we’ve built over 350 products from all over the world and across different industries.

team’s voice

Monterail logo

Grzegorz Hajdukiewicz

Chief Delivery Officer

Grzegorz Hajdukiewicz

Let's build together

Your MVP will tell you what your users really want, investing less money and time. We want your business to leverage evidence, instead of assumptions. Let’s build a fully functional and usable software application together.

Let's discuss your software needs

We will find out how to turn your idea into a product that users love

Let's talk

client's feedback

Easyship logo

Paul Lugagne Delpon

Co-founder and CTO at Easyship

Paul Lugagne Delpon

Optimal solutions and technical skills

We worked with junior and senior developers on our project, and what impressed me the most were their technical skills. They were not only doing their tasks, but they were thinking about the solutions and suggesting optimal ones. That was great.

Cooleaf logo

John Duisberg

Co-founder at Cooleaf

John Duisberg

Professional development and communication

Even though we’re based in Atlanta and the pace of development is crazy sometimes, we never had any communication issues with the team in Wrocław. Each stage of the software development was conducted professionally and in a timely manner: from the concept, through implementation to final steps.

Foostainable logo

Marta Hyland

Co-founder at Foostainable

Marta Hyland

The best decision

From the very initial call through to building out the end product, we found the team to be professional, engaging, and very responsive to any questions, queries, or concerns we had along the way. We hope to work with Monterail again in the future and would have no hesitation in recommending their services.


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