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The Ultimate List: 75+ HR Tech Software Tools for Your Business

Human Resources is all about people.

And HR tech is there to support both employers and employees in making their lives easier in the work environment. From searching for the best talents to managing their salaries and benefits, to building personalized career paths.

HR software simplifies each element of running a business and working for it. Let’s look at some of the multitude of HR tools and apps that HR managers, high-level executives and company owners have at their disposal today.

For the purposes of this post, I divided the HR tools into groups that roughly correspond to the different stages of the employee journey – from talent sourcing, recruitment and job boards, to offboarding. So, here we go!

Talent acquisition and candidate sourcing

These tools help recruiters find the right people for the jobs – from simple job boards to more intricate platforms that match candidates to open positions and help employers market their brands more efficiently

#1 Humans

A more innovative example of a platform connecting employees with employers. It boasts having no fees, helps acquire talent locally, and uses gamification in their Rewards Program that rewards the most active users.

humans platform talent sourcing tool recruitment


#2 Honeypot

A European tech-focused talent sourcing platform that helps hire software developers, DevOps Engineers, Data Scientists, Product Owners, QA Testers, and Engineering Leaders – and helps people in find jobs in IT. All job candidates are pre-verified through a code challenge and a call with Honeypot’s Talent Management team, and are offered free career support and guidance through a talent rep.

#3 Upwork

A popular platform allowing companies and organizations to find freelancers in basically any field, and freelancers to find jobs. From a simple job board it has evolved to a smart platform that matches candidates to job requirements, analyzing recruiters’ needs and providing invoicing and payment options.

upwork freelancers talent sourcing tool job search app


#4 Fiverr

One of the commonly known sites for gathering freelance talent from around the world, allowing both recruiters to find the right talent, and freelancers to find jobs in industries like design, marketing, writing, IT, or video.

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#5 Indeed

A top worldwide job platform available in over 60 countries with 250M unique monthly visitors. Apart from job postings, it allows candidates to create resumes and apply for jobs using them. It also engages in career guidance and provides certification opportunities.

indeed job search platform HR tech talent sourcing

#6 PathMotion

A different type of a talent acquisition platform that combines employer branding with candidate experience. It’s a branded discussion platform that connects candidates with your current employees to help them get their questions answered. It also serves as a candidate engagement platform and helps onboard new hires. It includes employer branding tools like social media content generator, search engine optimization, and predictive candidate analysis.


It’s a candidate sourcing tool for developers and software development companies, who want to find a perfect match in terms of job and talent search.
It helps every developer to visualise their dream job based on preferences such as: used technologies, the desired breakdown of time over tasks and working conditions that are important to them. 
workshape recruitment tool for developers software agencies hr app candidate sourcing
The app then matches a developer with an ideal job opportunity and enables both the candidate and the employer to chat with each other directly, without recruitment agents. 
#8 Skyworker
HR marketing is all about building relationships between candidates and companies, and Skyworker is an automated software that is shaped for this issue. Here tech companies can automate relevant pipelines sourcing, reaching candidates and measuring their engagement.

Applicant Tracking Systems

Known as ATS among HR pros, they’re essentially recruiting software used by HR, recruiters, and hiring managers to find job candidates and track them throughout the hiring process. They’re like CRM platforms (customer relationship management), but specifically for recruitment purposes. Here are some examples.

#9 Taleo

One of the leading recruiting software solutions in the ATS category, recently acquired by Oracle. The cloud service now also includes talent management, talent acquisition, and human capital management solutions.

#10 Greenhouse

One of the fastest-growing ATS platforms known for its structured hiring and interviewing approach. Apart from features helping recruiting and monitoring candidate activity, customized career pages and job boards, and much more, it also focuses on inclusion with features that mitigate unconscious bias and help build more diverse teams.

greenhouse talent management interviewing applicant sourcing


#11 JazzHR

It’s an intuitive and easy-to-use HR tool with a relatively low subscription cost. It’s a great fit for smaller businesses and startups as it scales along with the company. It connects with many other HR tools and includes employer branding capabilities, candidate sourcing and tracking, and collaborative tools for hiring managers.

#12 Workable

It uses built-in candidate sourcing capabilities, helping recruiters not only manage their applicants but also find the ones who match the skills and location of a job – from AI-powered search and advertising to job postings to 200+ job sites. We use it at Monterail to recruit our awesome team members.

workable recruitment app tool talent sourcing


#13 Jobvite

As a hybrid of ATS and CRM, it spans the entire candidate journey. It offers solutions adapted to the needs of both emerging businesses and enterprise companies, including recruitment marketing and employee onboarding.

jobvite hr app candidate journey talent sourcing app


#14 Bullhorn

It functions as both an ATS and CRM, and is designed specifically for recruiting and staffing agencies. Apart from applicant tracking and CRM, it also includes time and expense management, onboarding, and advanced analytics.

#15 Lever

A San Francisco-based startup, is another ATS focusing on building diverse teams. It’s also known for metric-based recruiting, helping management predict the hiring needs and deliver talent insights based on data.

Applicant testing and assessment software

These platforms help choose the best candidates during the recruitment process, allowing recruiters to create assignments, cognitive ability tests, and job knowledge tests.

#16 HackerRank

It works two ways. First, it helps create coding and technical assessments for recruiters to help them test prospective developers and software engineers. On the other hand, it helps candidates practice and prepare for testing and interviews. It also offers a tool for conducting live or remote technical interviews.


hackerrank recruitment assessment tool HR Tech



#17 Testdome

An automated skill testing platform allowing candidates to test samples of actual work for a company, with cheating protection that prevents candidates from looking up answers online. It also allows jobseekers to do practice tests and get certified.

testdome recruitment tests HR Tool human resources technology


#18 Interview Mocha

A comprehensive skill assessment solution allowing human resources teams to test 1000+ skills (boasting to be world’s largest skill testing library), including IT, next-gen skills, and cognitive tests. It integrates with applicant tracking platforms and includes intuitive analytics and customized performance reports.

interviewmocha skill assesment tool hr tech


#19 pymetrics

It uses bias-free algorithms to create gamified neuroscience tests aimed at matching candidates to the right jobs. Existing employees play neuroscience games that help discover traits and trends. The data is then used to create bias-free algorithms and candidate tests. Rejected candidates can be automatically matched to other opportunities across other clients using the solution.

#20 TalentSorter

Using advanced behavioral science and predictive analysis, it matches candidates for the so called “fit”. They use their ATS to integrate with HR teams’ existing systems and reduce the time to sort resumes and interview candidates by as much as 80%.

#21 Devskiller

Another screening and online interview platformed aimed at software developers. It features a test wizard, manual code test creation tools and tasks in SQL, DevOps, code review, and more.

#22 Adaface 
Adaface is a skill assessment platform that enables companies to identify qualified developers by automatically assessing code written by applicants via a built-in code editor. 
Employee referral programs

On the competitive candidate market, candidate referrals are priceless. Referral programs can improve employee retention and ensure high quality candidates that are fit for the job. That’s why many companies create comprehensive programs to encourage and reward good referrals. No wonder there are platforms that can help automate the process.

#23 TalentLyft Source

A part of the comprehensive TalentLyft HR suite of tools, can be used to ask for referrals and create candidate referral campaigns, allowing employees refer the right people and add them to your talent pipeline.


talentlyft hr tech referrals tool human resources technology


#24 Teamable

A dedicated referral platform that helps match talent with open positions based on your employees’ connections on social networks they connect to the platform, instantly refer them and track the results of the hiring process – and reward the most engaged employees.

teamable employee referral tool hr tech

#25 Employee Referrals

A mobile-optimized referral platform including features like endorsing a friend, sending emails and texts using existing templates, sharing jobs on social media, and more. It's useful for startups and big organizations alike. 

Onboarding and offboarding software

So you found the right candidate who went through the recruitment process and got hired. Time to onboard them. There are more and more platforms that make this process easier and help automate it.

#26 Talmundo

An employee onboarding platform combining human resources best practices with technology that enforces company culture to help new starters in their onboarding journey. They can engage with employees and get on-the-job training before they even start, while recruiters can collect feedback on the recruitment process.

talmundo onboarding tool platform HR Tech


#27 HR Onboard

A mobile-optimized interactive onboarding tool, also providing companies with features like job offer creation, handling internal transitions, and assistance with employee exits through offboarding workflows.

hr onboard human resources technology application onboarding tool


#28 Sapling

It integrates with multiple ATS platforms to sync new hires’ data and automatically start the onboarding process. The tool includes features like assigning legally binding documents and allows for creating workflows with triggered emails that eliminate manual checklists and data duplication.

sapling HR Tech human resources technology application


#29 HR cloud

It includes employee self-onboarding features like: automated intro emails and paperless, e-sign enabled processes. It helps keep a centralized record of employee data while also allowing for personal portals that boost employee engagement.


HR Cloud human resources app HR Tech application


#30 Click Boarding

A mobile-first onboarding management platform that’s easy to customize and integrate with applicant tracking systems (ATS), screening, human resource information systems (HRIS), payroll, and learning management systems (LMS), allowing to remove paper and eliminate redundancy from the process. It includes simple drag-and-drop workflows and branded content creation and boasts their high-level data security and GDPR compliance.

click boarding HR tech app human resources application

#31 Chief Onboarding

A simplified, completely brandable onboarding platform. It uses rewards to engage new hires and provides resources and courses for the new employees.

chief onboarding HR Tool human resources app

Video interviewing

With remote teamwork on the rise, video interviews are sometimes the only chance recruiters and candidates get to see each other. Apart from well known apps like Skype, there are solutions strictly dedicated to recruiting new employees.

#32 Cammio

It allows for structured, automated and live video recruiting interviews, with a recording functionality, along with creating video job offers without the help of a video editor. The included AI-powered predictive analysis tool creates a big five personality profile of every candidate based on an analysis of their video interview.

#33 HireVue

It incorporates industrial-organizational psychology and AI-driven predictive analysis in its game-based and technical pre-hire assessments and potential hire interview analyses.

hire vue HR Tech app human resources tool technology

#34 VidCruiter

Apart from its video interviewing software, it also provides other standalone recruitment solutions like structured digital interviews, skill testing, or automated reference checking, along with a complete recruitment suite.


vidcruiter video recruitment tool HR Tech


#35 ConveyIQ

A candidate engagement platform and in addition to video interviews, includes emails, text messages, and interview scheduling. The platform easily integrates with popular ATS platforms.

#36 Spark Hire

A simple video interviewing software that helps screen candidates more efficiently. All videos are recorded and can be branded, and it allows for both one-way and live video interviews and makes collaboration among hiring managers and review collection much easier.

#37 Wepow

It offers pre-recorded and live video interviews, candidate tracking, collaborative tools for hiring managers, and candidate performance analytics.

wepow human resources technology HR Tech tool


Talent management and human capital management software

Talent management systems (also known as TMS platforms) are integrated HR tools covering the four pillars of talent management – recruitment, performance management, learning and development, and compensation management, providing companies with strategic help when it comes to human capital.

#38 Namely

An HR, payroll, and benefits platform that promises to help build a better workplace. The features include day-to-day HR management tools, time tracking, onboarding and performance review, customizable reports, and more.


namely HR Tech app Human Resources technology


#39 Bamboo HR

On top of an employee database – it offers analytics, workflows and approvals, an in-built applicant tracking system along with a mobile hiring app, provides onboarding and offboarding programs with electronic signature support, time tracking, and NPS surveys for employees – and much more.


bamboo hr tech application human resources technology


#40 HRadvocate

A self-service, web-based solution for HR personnel, managers, recruiters, and employees – providing them with real-time mobile access to information wherever they are. The platform is scalable and helps to optimize the onboarding process, talent management, and HR processes like benefits administration, and learning and development.

#41 WorkforceNow

A complete human capital management solution featuring human resources, payroll, benefits, talent management, time & labor Management, compliance, and HR analytics capabilities. Built for both small businesses and large enterprises, it also offers HR outsourcing options.

#40 TimeTrax

A comprehensive, cloud-based HCM solution from EfroTech covering the entire scope of HR Management – from attendance and leave management, appraisals, expenses and tasks, to manpower planning, to helpdesk management and access control

#42 Ultimate Software

A full human capital management suite covering all aspects of HR, payroll, and HR talent management. It also offers employee engagement surveys and HR service delivery, and is available in 5 languages.

Time and attendance tracking software

There are both platforms strictly dedicated to managing attendance and time and comprehensive ones combining time tracking with other aspects of HR. Let’s look at some of them.

#43 Jibble

A simple attendance and time tracking software for teams based in the cloud. It includes a Slack bot to record time spent in the app and power-ups like activity tracking, permissions and roles for team members, or facial recognition to verify employee attendance.

jibble app human resources technology HR Tech attendance tracking


#44 CakeHR

A more comprehensive HR platform that allows for time tracking, but also includes features like expense and recruitment management tools. Its timesheet interface is simple and intuitive, with approval flows and reporting capabilities.

#45 Calamari

It's Monterail’s tool of choice. It provides clock-in/clock-out solutions including iBeacons, QR codes, mobile apps,  Slack, and leave management system with absence calendars and approval flows, with multinational day-off support.

Calamari app human resources technology


#46 OnTheClock

A web-based time clock software for desktop and mobile, with GPS tracking, biometric finger punching, and mobile apps for managers and employees.

#47 Time Doctor

It provides time tracking, web and app usage, and time alerts that help you stay off time wasters like Facebook and non-work-related sites. Your clients can access the tool to track the tasks your team has worked on.

time doctor HR Tech app human resources technology


#48 Work Examiner

An internet monitoring software that provides tools for tracking what employees do on the web, employee desktop screenshots and web filtering, among others.

Bonus: Remote work management


#49 focusmate

A distraction-free productivity tool for employees that helps you work remotely with a work partner in selected times through video sessions – and eliminate procrastination.

#50 PukkaTeam

A platform designed to create virtual co-working spaces with integrated video conferencing, Slack chat integration, and one-click video calling.


pukka team virtual coworking app HR Tech

Employee engagement and performance

So you measure your sales performance – but do you measure the performance of your team members? Luckily, there are apps for that that help not only see how your employees perform, but also help you motivate them to perform better.

#51 15Five

A continuous performance management suite designed to help replace the dreaded annual performance review with research-driven best-self reviews and easy objective and key results tracking. It includes features such as a 1-on-1 meeting planner, a High-Five dashboard where employees can share kudos, and weekly check-in for team performance feedback with powerful question management. Mobile apps for Android and iOS are available.

15 five app human resources technology HR Tech

#52 Emplify

An employee engagement measurement software using confidential, psychometrically valid surveys to measure and analyze employee engagement paired with the help of an employee engagement strategist to walk you through the results and develop an action plan.

#53 Peakon

They boast to be the world’s leading platform for measuring and improving employee engagement. It focuses on turning employee data into insights for managers, offers advanced talent segmentation capabilities and real-time dashboards, and includes tools that foster conversations in teams helping include employees in the engagement process.

peakon HR Tech tool human resource technology


#54 GroSum

It focuses on objectives and key results (OKRs) to set clear, measurable business priorities and timelines for everyone at the company. It includes tools for data-driven check-ins on real-time progress, performance review, and feedback.

#55 Humanoo

It’s an employee wellness tool that promotes health and fitness among employees. 
humanoo hr tech tool employee wellness
By using gamification, team members are encouraged to reach health and wellness goals together, compete against one another or achieve personal goals. What are the benefits? Reduced stress, improved sleep and, what follows, improved overall employee happiness! 


#56 Bonfyre

An employee experience platform including mobile-first, two-way communication tools like targeted broadcasts and direct messaging, feedback polls and surveys, chat, recognition badges, and more.


bonfyre app human resources HR technology tool


#57 Trakstar

A cloud-based platform including real-time feedback tools with peer-to-peer communication, review forms and surveys with automated workflows and email reminders, and goal-setting capabilities to motivate employees and track their performance.

#58 Small Improvements

This ongoing performance management tool which is aimed at fueling your company’s feedback culture. The software enables team members to give and request feedback and praise, schedule 1:1 meetings and conduct performance reviews. Here you can also define the Objectives that challenge you and your team, and keep track on your Key Results. 

Learning management & career pathing

Learning and growth are key for your employees. Today, there’s plenty of software that helps personalize it by creating multiple career path scenarios based on employee potential, identifying skill gaps, and reviewing job competencies.

#59 Grovo

A microlearning platform containing a library of educational content on various topics from budgeting to marketing strategy to Google apps. Companies can customize the available lessons using the available templates and automate the learning to fit employee’s workdays and their career transitions.

#60 PathSavvy

A career pathing software helping with employee retention by letting them visualize, map, and track their company careers. It’s optimized for intuitive use across different devices and includes tools like a job match engine, action plans, competency modelling, and career mapping.

#61 Talent Guard

A cloud-based talent management suite of products combining employee career pathing, learning management, and competency management, with in-built performance management tools and 360 degree feedback.


talentguard human resources tool technology


#62 OpenTute

A white-label mobile learning solution allowing organizations to launch their branded learning and communication platforms, create and share learning with others, create learning channels and groups to engage learners, enroll people in online courses and webinars, and more.


#63 Xero

An online accounting software for small businesses and organizations. It works across many devices and includes invoicing tools, expenses, inventories, purchase orders, and hundreds of third-party app integrations.

#64 Zenefits

All-in-one HR software including easy but advanced payroll features for SMBs and big enterprises. Apart from unlimited payruns, it includes time tracking, new hire onboarding sync, reporting, and benefits management.

zenefits human resources technology benefits tool


#65 Workday Payroll

A part of the comprehensive Workday human resources product suite, with payroll, time tracking and HCM software integrated in one platform. It’s designed for medium and large organizations.

#66 FingerCheck

It combines payroll with time and attendance management and tracking. It also includes benefits and insurance management, employee self-onboarding, and hiring tools.

fingercheck human resources payroll tool


#67 BrightPay

A payroll software package supporting weekly, fortnightly, and monthly payroll. The interface was designed to keep straightforward payroll simple, and simplify it when it gets more complicated. It features automatic enrolment, real time information, and employee self-service, and the data is stored in the cloud. It’s also GDPR compliant.

#68 PrimePay

Another all-inclusive payroll solution that handles online payroll, time tracking, applicant tracking and employee onboarding.


#69 Zestful

It allows organizations to create perk and reward programs for their members. The Zestful card looks like a debit card, but can only be used for the products and services you set for it – like health or fitness plans for example.

zestful human resource management technology


#70 PeopleKeep

An employee benefits platform for small businesses allowing companies to offer tax-free employee benefits like health insurance. Employees upload receipts and based on that – they get reimbursed in an automated process that saves payroll teams tons of time (and tax money.)

#71 Bonusly

A fun and intuitive recognition program which provides employees with a monthly allowance to give small bonuses to their colleagues to recognize their contributions. Its’ user-friendly interface makes all bonuses transparent and gives you prompts of the most popular reasons for recognition.

#72 Cooleaf

An employee talent recognition and rewards platform that helps drive business growth and performance management. A platform rewards and recognizes employee behaviors that are aligned to their actual business goals, e.g achieving a milestone metric by the Sales Manager, is recognized by Cooleaf app due to integration with Salesforce and SalesLoft. This results in greater motivation of employees (P.S. See Cooleaf case study to find out how we built this app).

#73 Web Benefits Design

It includes an online enrolment solution offering single-source employee benefits administration. It can accommodate features such as traditional benefits, defined contribution models, voluntary benefits, and unlimited variations of carriers, benefits, wellness programs and decision support tools.

#74 ALEX

It is a benefits communication software explaining benefits to employees in a conversational format, using behavioral science, straightforward language, and a touch of well-placed humor. Used by startups and big organizations alike, it can offer personalized guidance on which health plan to choose, or how much to save in retirement and tax-savings accounts.

Holistic HR Tools: 

#75 HeavenHR

It's a a complex tool that gives you opportunity to manage employee on- and offboarding, time-tracking, absence and shift management, payroll, recruiting and more! It’s one of the tools definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for an all-round tool to manage many HR processes in one place. 

Heaven HR Human Resources Tool


#76 Leapsome 

Leapsome is a holistic, time-saving people enablement software that helps you build a feedback and learning culture, improve employee performance and engagement. Its features such as: employee surveys, goal setting/OKRs, real-time feedback, 360° performance reviews and personalized learning, make it a really helpful and people-oriented tool. 

Leapsome Human Resources Tool
Leapsome is used and praised by companies such as Mercedez-Benz and FlixBus. 

#77 Personio

This tool helps reduce time spent on administrative tasks. Its mission is to “battle paperwork and never ending, complicated Excel charts” - sounds amazing, right? 
With one tool you can easily manage areas such as: applicant sourcing, attendance tracking, payroll, employee document management and team feedback. 
Personio helps you digitize all of the major HR processes and save a lot of time and money.
Personio HR Tech Tool


#78 OrgOS 

OrgOS is an all-round tool that enables the HR team to digitize processes such as: onboarding, time and attendance data, employee absences, payroll and performance management to name a few. 
If getting rid of the tedious paperwork and freeing time to focus on people sounds good to you, check out this performance-boosting tool. 


OrgOS HR Technology Tool


There are tons of other HR tools and platforms – from simple ones to complex HR process and talent management machines. Many companies also decide to build their own HR tech software for their specific needs – or outsource their development to experienced IT teams.

Interested in developing your own HR app? Give us a shout.

Have an idea for HR tech software?

Meet your organization individual needs with tailor-made HR tech software and unlock its full potential. Work with development experts who will combine HR with technology to get the best out of both worlds.

Talk to our team and confidently build your next big thing.

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