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Monterail Tech Network

Enjoying your freelancer’s job but would appreciate a stable work environment and interesting projects? Or maybe flexibility is the most important factor when looking for your next gig? We took it all into consideration and created the Monterail Tech Network (MTN). It’s a unique opportunity to become a partner for over 200+ Monterail experts working together to build innovative software. Read on how to do it.

What is Monterail Tech Network?

Monterail Tech Network is a platform for technical partners both backend and frontend developers who are open to freelance and ad-hoc cooperation. Although it’s focused on short-term gigs, we aim for long-term cooperation.

Who can join? It’s the right option for you if:

  • you are looking either for something “extra” on top of your other responsibilities, or you want to have a part-time to semi-full-time engagement
  • you are looking to develop your skills and diversify your project portfolio
  • you are available for a least 10 - 20 hours per week

Who are we looking for?

  • Developers with over 3 years of experience in technologies such as Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Vue.js, Python, React, Angular
  • Product Designers 
  • Great communicators and team players
  • A flexible schedule and openness to a variety of tasks in your chosen project

Why Apply?

Monterail Tech Network allows you to feel a part of the company and work on real projects while giving you lots of flexibility. First and foremost, you can enjoy projects tailored to your needs and time. 

Enjoy maximum flexibility

Don’t feel like working today? It's ok you need to dedicate a minimum of 10 hours per week but it's your choice when to do it. You can work fully remotely in all countries within a 4-hour time difference from CET/CEST.

Be a part of the team

When joining MTN, you're not the outsourced force you're working directly with our company while still being the master of your time. Here, you will have the possibility to work with a diverse team of experienced developers (the delivery team is already 120 people!) Also, all of the projects are supported by the expertise of our Principal Engineers and Architects.

Develop long-term cooperation

You don’t need to worry about the hassle of looking for the next project. Since we focus on developing a relationship with you, our aim is to have long-term cooperation where you have a chance to work on various short-term projects. When you're a member of Monterail Tech Network, you have priority over external freelancers when matching people to the projects. 

Build innovative software

First of all, you will actually know what you’re coding which is not always the case when freelancing. You’ll have a chance to feel what it’s like to be a part of a software product development process for clients from all over the world. Examples of exciting projects? We’ve built some products for industry leaders in Fintech, Medtech, HR tech, eCommerce, and more.

Get competitive salary

Based on market research, we prepared attractive hourly rates for mid- and senior developers and offer payment in EUR.

How Can You Join? The Process

Step 1

We’ll need a code snippet from you. Just upload it in the application form so we can review your code. 

Not a developer? We’d like to see your portfolio.

Step 2

You will take part in a technical 1-hour interview with Principal Engineer (see what they are responsible for) or Senior Product Designer.

Step 3

When the interview goes well, we get down to all formalities and MSAs signing needed to kick off the cooperation.

Step 4

Congrats! You have just joined Monterail Tech Network.

But it’s just the beginning. You will be introduced to the project and the team, and when all details are confirmed, you’re ready to join the project. After two weeks, we'll ask for your feedback as well as share feedback with you.

What Will You Work On?

The range of possible projects is really wide. Currently, we’re working on 47 digital products! And our portfolio consists of some innovative businesses that disrupt their industries.


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  • During 10+ years of partnership, we helped Cooleaf grow from a startup to a profitable B2B product for corporate clients.

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Ready to join Monterail Tech Network?

During our work, we discover some unknown paths, sometimes we walk along the known roads. Nevertheless, we always find a way to figure things out and embrace the challenges in front of us. Our caring approach and support are here to help you strive and learn from the best. It’s one of our ways. Discover your way at Monterail. 

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