Updated State of Vue.js 2019 Report is Here!

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We’re back! And I hope you’re just as excited as I am writing this. You might have noticed some suggestions about the next edition of State of Vue.js on Evan You’s Twitter… But it’s time to make it official.

UPDATE 01.03.19:

The updated State of Vue.jswas released in February 2019 with new case studies and new data.

When we created the first edition of State of Vue.js, we felt that such a compendium is much needed to prove Vue.js’ viability in commercial usage, something many potential adopters were having doubts about back then. The report was downloaded by over 7k programmers, CTOs, and product owners, and I believe it proves our hypothesis was correct.

 But Vue.js has evolved and the core team, along with the rest of Vue community, is working hard to live up to the expectations of its users. And they get the job done. Thanks to regular updates from the team, we can see what has changed in black and white. Now, however, it’s time to understand how the perception of the framework has changed. The new version of State of Vue.js will help you understand:

  • Why do companies choose Vue.js for commercial usage?
  • How do developers use Vue.js?
  • How did Vue.js help companies of different sizes grow?
  • What are the plans for Vue in 2019?

This edition is no longer about explaining why Vue.js is good. Now, we want to give you better understanding of how other devs use the framework and to spread the word further in the JavaScript world.

State of Vue.js Survey

Last year, we collected 1,126 responses and I expect an even higher number this year (we achieved 1,553). Some questions are the same—so we can compare the results—while others are new (courtesy of Chris Fritz). Therefore, the survey is more technical and focuses more on how devs use Vue, than on why.

Case Studies

Last year we published six case studies from GitLab, Livestorm, Chess.com, Clemenger BBDO, Codeship, and Adobe/Behance. In this edition, we will be publishing an update from those companies outlining how their usage of Vue has changed since.

We’re also compiling two or three new full case studies, so you can see some examples of Vue.js usage in 2019.

The Future of Vue.js 

Last, but not least, Evan You will outline what the plans are for the following year. You will learn about the roadmap, upcoming features, and how Vue.js is executing its mission. In State of Vue 2017, he wrote: 

Today, I envision Vue’s goal to be helping more developers enjoy building apps on the Web. I believe that happier developers are more productive, and ultimately create more value for everyone. The goal entails delivering a framework that is approachable, intuitive, and at the same time solid, powerful, and scalable.

Wondering how it’s going so far? I sure am.

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