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Sprii - Product Design Case Study


Product Design for a live selling platform


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The Company and Product

Sprii is a live-selling solution developed as a part of the larger eCommerce platform named ELISA. It was developed with small business retailers in mind in the beginning but it’s now used by larger companies, with 700 enterprises listed as hosts. It allows the retailers to produce live video shows to present their products online - these products can be also purchased by customers directly from the platform, without the need to leave the live show.


The initial concept for this product was created in 2020 when the founders, Christian Degn Vester and brothers, Nikolai Aas Pedersen and Rasmus Aas Pedersen noticed that many business owners were struggling to move their operations online and were losing customers due to the Covid-19 pandemic. They decided to create a tool that could help these people with an easy-to-use layout and intuitive dashboard.

nikolai elisa
With very few pointers, the Design team at Monterail was able to turn our initial concepts and words that we wanted to reflect in the look and feel of the application into spot-on designs. Nikolai Aas Pedersen FOUNDER AND PRODUCT DEVELOPER AT ELISA AND SPRII

Scope and Highlights


The Challenge

The client’s team contacted us when they had the backend of the solution ready and they needed help to draft the branding, UI, and UX of the product. We then quickly developed a Proof-of-Concept of one of the elements of Sprii, the video streaming feature, with help from one of the Monterail’s Frontend Developers and Product Designer. Once they validated their initial idea, the team at ELISA started thinking about what the next step for their platform would be.

Once they decided to develop the PoC further, we resumed our collaboration. The core feature was once again planned to be a video streaming feature that would allow users to host live shopping shows, and promote and sell their items this way.

Key challenges of the project included:

Sprii app

The Process

During the initial phase, we organized a Discovery Workshop that helped both our team and the Sprii’s team envision the final solution. The team also worked on user story mapping and identifying the steps that potential users - both customers and retailers - may take.

We also defined the scope of the product, plus its content and product logic with the latter being crucial for the developers to set the software development roadmap for the product. The findings from the workshop were then transformed into a user story map for a Minimum Viable Product by our Business Analysis team. 

The visual elements of this project were important because we also simultaneously worked on some parts of the product’s branding, with the logotype delivered to us by the client’s team. For the rest of the visual work, we’ve been given keywords that should be reflected in the final result.

This is how we made it happen:

We’re currently in the maintenance phase of the product and my role includes ensuring that any new changes and adjustments are coherent with the rest of the application from the design perspective. We’re in the process of constantly improving the UX of the product, including conducting UX audits. Anna Paraniak PRODUCT DESIGNER


The Outcome

The final result of our collaboration is an established live selling application with a modern look and feel that has been actively used by more than 700 retailers so far, with 2 million orders placed annually and more than 10,000 video shows hosted on the platform every year.

The product has also a growing base of customers interested in purchasing items via Sprii. They can sign up to follow their favorite brands and tune in for the live streaming sessions.

The success of this project hinged on the following factors: