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Why choose Python?

Python is a powerful, general purpose language that allows you to build your app at the speed of light while maintaining high product quality. It also powers lots of data processing workloads, as well as most of Cloud Computing and Machine Learning. No wonder that companies like YouTube, Google, Spotify, Amazon Web Services, or even Pixar use Python as their main programming language.


Python allows for rapid but rock-solid development of applications for both desktop and mobile without any performance loss issues.


Use a vast range of high-quality standard libraries to build various elements extremely fast or quickly solve various problems, including system operations.


It’s relatively easy to add new features to the already developed app or repurpose the code packages across multiple projects. All that without interfering with the code that was already created.


Python is well suited for data science, web applications, machine learning, and AI. With its rich ecosystem, you can build an app for almost any industry.

When to choose Python?

Python has a variety of uses, ranging from data science, web applications and task automation, through deep learning, image processing, video games, up to complex enterprise applications. Its vast variety of libraries makes it possible for an app to, for example, perform complex data analysis and its visual presentation while optimizing storage. That’s why you can experience Python at work in apps provided by the biggest players such as Uber, Dropbox, Netflix, Meta (Facebook), Instagram, and Pinterest. Whatever the project scope, Python will allow for a rapid but still rock-solid development, which makes it a perfect choice when working under a tight deadline.


Examples of our work in Python

Panda - Mental Health App

Making mental health more accessible

As a result of our cooperation, Panda brought to its users an MVP of a mobile application. Our main focus was to provide a smooth experience to all users, especially those with a low internet connection to motivate them not to resign from sessions due to streaming problems. We also ensured that data encryption and safe storage of data, crucial in the mental health industry, are incorporated into the app.

Making work desk reservation and customization as easy as breathing

We developed an application that allows us to efficiently book workstations in the office with limited capacity. The possibility to configure a workstation and request specific equipment in the app is an option useful both for the Office Manager and the people coming into the office. The app also creates a list of people that were at the office at a given time, in case a COVID infection is confirmed.

Office Desk Reservation App

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What clients love about working with us

  • Dig into a project from the business angle

    I really appreciate how Monterail is able to dig into a project from the business angle. Starting with the very first conversations, we found in Monterail a partner we could discuss our product goals with and bounce off ideas for our first MVP. Currently, I’m very happy how everyone on the team, from the project manager to the backend developer, actively has our user in mind while building our application.

    Matthias Depenbusch
    Matthias Depenbusch
    CO-Founder at Avisio
  • Understanding business needs

    What impressed me the most about the team, is how quickly they grasped what we are trying to achieve, and how they supported us to bring our vision to life. We have a world-class product and we wouldn’t have gotten to this point alone. Monterail was the perfect partner to get us here.

    Alon Lits
    Alon Lits
    Co-founder of Panda
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