Node.js Developers to Follow in 2019 [Infographic]

Joanna Staromiejska


Are you a Node.js developer? Although nowadays we’re swamped with information on more or less any topic we can imagine, it can still be hard sometimes to find reliable sources. In every industry, however, there is always a handful of individuals who really know their stuff and following their social media outlets, blogs, and their presence on other platforms is probably the best thing you can do for your career. In case you missed it, Karolina already drafted a similar list of Vue.js experts to watch in 2018. Now it’s time for Node.js.

In terms of Node.js development, I asked my co-workers about developers they look up to, that inspire them, and simply help them excel in their respective fields. Although Node.js is a rather recent addition in our tech stack, my co-workers have already become well acquainted with it, and together we drafted a list of thirteen names that you might also want to know. Follow these people to stay up to date with news from the Node.js community, framework updates, and useful tips. I know our team does.

So, whether you’re already mastering Node.js or are still a novice, you’ll definitely find something on the list for yourself. 

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Here's a list of Node.js developers to follow in 2019

Dan Shaw

He’s dedicated his career to growing the Ecosystem and is often referred to as "The Godfather of Node.js". He feels confident speaking about Technology, Leadership, Node.js, JavaScript and Digital Transformation. Looking how to work effectively with Node.js? Check out his blog.

Brendan Eich

There wouldn’t be Node.js if Brendan Eich hadn’t invented JavaScript in the first place. He’s also a co-founder of Mozilla & Firefox and CEO at Brave. Blogging since 2004, his site is packed with knowledge and conference presentations while his smart and entertaining tweets have attracted more than 100,000 followers.  

Gergely Nemeth

Software engineer, architect, focused on Node.js and its ecosystem from the early days of Node. Co-organizer of a few conferences and a regular speaker at events. He built RisingStack to provide professional development and consulting services. Loves a good cup of coffee.

Colin Ihrig

Colin Ihrig is probably one of the key member of the community. A member of the TSC, the CTC, and a collaborator at libuv. Passionate about programming since his teenage years and in full-time love with Node.js since 2012. The author of Pro Node.js for Developers

David Walsh

Senior Software Engineer and evangelist at Mozilla. A frequent conference speaker, has addressed developer audiences at London AJAX, AustinJS, BrasilJS, to name a few. He shares his expertise on his blog in the form of useful tutorials and demos. After hours, he can be found watching movies on one of the dozen devices Netflix has an app for.

Wes Bos

A real knowledge sharing fan. Creator of countless tutorials devoted to JavaScript and Node.js. A regular speaker at events on everything from Front End Dev to ServerSide JavaScript. He’s always tweeting so follow him to stay updated with dev news. 

Axel Rauschamayer

A Ph.D. in Informatics, specialist in JavaScript and Web development. In 2005, he kicked off his blog and has been blogging since. Author of quite a few free online books. Has spoken at 25 events in 11 countries and it doesn’t seem like he’s going to slow down anytime soon. 

Samer Buna

The curator of JsComplete where you can learn fullstack JavaScript with Node and React. He’s written some excellent tutorials on technologies and helpful insights from his experience as a developer. Follow him on Medium for comprehensive content on Node.js and practical guides. 

Simona Cotin

Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft. One of the driving forces of meetups at AngularJS Dublin, Javascript London and speaking at NodeConf. A confirmed ally for women in IT, she founded ngGirls, an organization that aims to increase diversity in the tech industry. In the meantime, she enjoys mentoring at communities like Women Who Code and codebar. 

Tanya Butenko

Free coding events enthusiast passionate about diversity in tech. A significant voice and activist in supporting women in IT. She started NodeGirlsAustralia chapter to offer meetups and workshops such as NodeGirls Sydney and NodeGirls Melbourne. Co-organized WomenWhoCode

Tierney Cyren

It took a blog post to inspire Tierney Cyren to start contributing to Node.js. Currently a Developer Advocate at NodeSource, Co-chair of the Node.js Community Committee, and member of the Node.js Evangelism WG. Through tutorials and guides for The Community, he wants to enable and empower those aiming to learn Node.js. 

James M. Snell

Began programming probably while still in the crib. A contributor to Node.js Core, a member of the Core Technical Committee, and the Technical Steering Committee. Follow him on Twitter and Github to get hints about what’s up in the Node.js world. 

Azat Mardan

Didn’t manage to learn Node.js at uni? Fret not, not all is lost. Mardan is the curator of Node University, a learning resource for hundreds of developers worldwide. Blogger, author of a best-selling Node.js book, frequent guest at conferences, and excellent tech mentor. Probably the most active developer in existing social media channels. 


People To Watch If You're a Node.js Developer 

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