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Enter GPT-4: OpenAI’s Most Advanced AI Technology

ChatGPT, a tool from OpenAI that auto-generates text, took the tech world by storm.

The latest version, based on GPT-4, writes witty poems, indulges in philosophical disputes, and can even pass the US medical licensing exam.

However, beyond these curiosities, OpenAI’s technology can be extremely useful in business. Any business.

AI’s Impact on Business Is Already Vital

0+ of businesses already use AI

0+ of executives declare that AI boosts productivity in business

0+ of leading businesses have ongoing investments in artificial intelligence

0+ projected yearly growth of AI market


GPT-4 can already:

Detect financial fraud.
The technology can identify fraudulent transactions previously undetected by traditional systems.`

Produce working code.
GPT-4 can deliver lines of code to ease the work of software developers. It can even empower people without much coding knowledge to develop a simple app.

Empower visually impaired people to see.
The tool can describe images – like people and scenery – captured by a mobile phone camera.

Convert hand-drawn sketches into fully-functioning websites.
GPT-4 can take your sketches and turn them into a working prototype.

GPT-4 is Transforming Many Industries


Generative AI is already transforming the retail industry.

Accenture’s Technology Vision 2023 research found that 96% retail executives are saying they’re inspired by the new capabilities offered by generative AI solutions.

Personalisation, inventory management, customer service, marketing, fraud detection, or visual search are some of the areas you can start automating today. With every month, the list will only grow.


The Fintech AI market is set to grow 25% a year – from $9.15 billion in 2022 to $31.71 billion in 2027.

Both small business and industry giants are already employing AI to overhaul decision-making, fraud detections, risk investigation, claims management, and much more.

Build a dedicated and compliant system that can be trained to make your work faster and safer.


According to the latest research, ChatGPT can provide 80% more accurate responses to medical inquiries than physicians.

Google and Microsoft are already investing in Large Language Models that can improve patient experience and Electronic Health Record management, and support doctors in making more informed decisions.

Build healthcare solutions with Monterail as your trusted technology partner.


Real estate is worth $50 trillion and, as such, is one of the biggest drivers of the global economy.

As a result, it has a huge potential to be disrupted by generative AI. Experts predict that AI’s emergence will cut through material use cases in PropTech, from search and listings to mortgages, construction and sustainability.

Already today, you can play into these changes – and develop your dedicated genAI solution.

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