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flutter apps

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Top 10 Apps Built Using Flutter
The popularity of technologies enables organizations to embrace the surge of mobile traffic is a no-brainer. According to Statcounter, 60.28 percent of all web traffic came through mobile channels in 2022, and - as all...
Kaja Grzybowska
consensus algorithm

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What is a Consensus Algorithm in Blockchain
In the third article in the blockchain series, I will answer the following questions:
Gilbert Komin
Python frameworks for mobile app development

Python  Mobile Development  Technology 

Python for Mobile App Development in 2023 – Kivy vs. BeeWare
Python is an extremely popular programming language, the most popular in the world, according to the TIOBE index. Great minds in scientific and numeric computing, education, and web development build apps with Python,...
Oskar Mieczkowski
go beginner's guide

Development  Technology  Go 

Golang Beginner's Guide: Your First Steps
Although currently rated in 12th position in TIOBE Programming Community Index, Go has had its ebbs and flows throughout the years, and is still gaining popularity. Once widely adopted at Google where it was first...
Jacek Majda

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What is Python Used For - Top 10 Examples of Successful Applications
Despite being a veteran among programming languages, Python still holds the 4th solid position in popularity contests, according to the 2022 Stack Overflow survey.
Kaja Grzybowska
flask vs django

Python  Development  Technology 

Flask vs. Django in 2023 – Which Python Framework To Choose and When?
When you’re looking for a Python framework to build a Web app, two options stand out: lightweight Flask and comprehensive Django. Both are successful high-level Python Web frameworks. Both are widely used by successful...
Oskar Mieczkowski

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Blockchain: A Deep-Dive into Its Future
In the second article of the series, I will describe in more detail some of the main challenges of blockchain. We will find out what a peer-to-peer network is, and what are smart contracts as well as decentralized...
Gilbert Komin
blockchain basics

Technology  Web3 

The Guide to Blockchain: How Does It Work?
With the rise of Web3, blockchain has undoubtedly become one of the most important words in the current financial domain. In this article, I will try to introduce you to the basics and answer any questions you may have....
Gilbert Komin

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7 Things You Need to Learn as a Beginner Flutter Developer
Everyone follows their own path when it comes to learning new programming languages or frameworks. On-site courses, bootcamps, self-learning. So, is there one way to become a Flutter developer? Of course not. However,...
Michał Kochmański

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Guide to Building Flutter Applications - The Monterail Way
Flutter has been on our Tech Radar for more than two years now and since then, we’ve built a solid team of cherry-picked Flutter developers that can deliver quality apps. In the meantime, this team was working on...
Marcin Wróblewski

Development  Ruby/Rails  Technology  Backend 

Developer Tips: How to Take Your Rails Project to The Next Level
We all started at the same point - learning how to code. Most of us focused almost exclusively on learning how to program in a chosen language and practiced it. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s natural when you...
Anna Kotowicz
Application integration, API guide

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Guide to Application Integration for Beginners
Businesses need to constantly produce fresh ideas and find new ways of development. In the big maze of different platforms, tools, and software for companies, the work we do can easily turn into a huge mess. When using...
Monterail Team
More Secure Passwords in Bcrypt — Beating the 72 Bytes Limitation - featured image

Development  Ruby/Rails  Technology 

More Secure Passwords in Bcrypt — Beating the 72 Bytes Limitation
Storing passwords is a pretty common workflow that needs to be done when developing web applications, so it's best to use well-established solutions for that.
Rafał Rothenberger

Business  Technology 

What Are the Benefits of Application Integration?
What is Application Integration? Application Integration comprises different software functions meant for various purposes to work together in a synchronized way.
Amit Chandra
The best mental health apps

Business  Technology  Mental health 

The Best Mental Health Apps
As the awareness of mental health raises, so does available apps and online solutions that target this industry. With more than 50% of Americans not having access to mental health services, technology makes its way to...
Nicole Defranc
Five Reasons to Choose Python for Finance and Fintech -- featured image

Python  Business  Technology 

5 Reasons to Choose Python for Finance and Fintech in 2023
Python is a spectacular programming language released in 1991 by Guido van Rossum. It came into prominence in the late 2000s (being named TIOBE Index’s Programming Language of the Year for the first time in 2007) and...
Oskar Mieczkowski
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