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3D Software iDesigner with Vue.js: Designing a Reactive Entity System
Being a frontend developer working on dozens of Web projects, it's fairly easy to dissolve into the numbing monotony of dashboards, tables, and photo galleries. But every now and then, an unusual project appears,...
Krzysztof Jung

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Let's talk about Frontend QA
When you're an experienced front-end developer, it takes just one look and few mouse clicks to judge whether or not the site in your browser is correctly implemented. By working on these problems day after day, you'll...
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ng-europe: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Disclaimer This post is not an abstract of ng-europe lectures. Instead, the goal is to summarize our experience as participants. Things are happening
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Front Trends 2014 Impressions
For the second year running, I had the opportunity to participate in Poland's biggest front-end developer event — the Front Trends conference held May 7-9 in Warsaw. This event, hosted at Fabryka Trzciny Art Center, was...
Krzysztof Jung
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