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7 Things You Need to Learn as a Flutter Developer–Guide For Beginners
Everyone follows their own path when it comes to learning new programming languages or frameworks. On-site courses, bootcamps, self-learning. So, is there one way to become a Flutter developer? Of course not. However,...
Michał Kochmański

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Guide to Building Flutter Applications - The Monterail Way
Flutter has been on our Tech Radar for more than two years now and since then, we’ve built a solid team of cherry-picked Flutter developers that can deliver quality apps. In the meantime, this team was working on...
Marcin Wróblewski

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How to Take Your Project to The Next Level? Tips from Ruby on Rails Developer
We all started at the same point - learning how to code. Most of us focused almost exclusively on learning how to program in a chosen language and practiced it. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s natural when you...
Anna Kotowicz

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Tackling Unconscious Bias in the Workplace
How Does Our Brain Work? Psychologists have known for some time that we have two operating systems for processing information. Working simultaneously, within the brain, but doing very different things with the same...
Dominika Dudek

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Vue vs React in 2022 - Which Framework to Choose and When?
Vue.js and React.js are two frontend JavaScript frameworks popular in the developer world, switching top spot on the podium each year in the categories of "most loved, used or popular".  Both tools offer developers a...
Maja Nowak


Why We Introduced the New Dev Team Structure at Monterail and How It Improved Our Processes
Long story short, we have a new Development Team structure with distinguished roles of Principal Engineers and Architects. Since its introduction in Q3 2021, it has proved to work well and we’re more than happy to be...
Katarzyna Michalska

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Flutter or Xamarin For Mobile Development in 2022? 8 Reasons For Choosing Flutter
With the rising popularity of cross-mobile application development, lots of new frameworks and technologies started to mark their presence. One of them being the Xamarin, Microsoft-backed open-source platform. In 2019 I...
Michał Kochmański
The Future of Project Management

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What's The Future of Project Management?
It all started in 2021. I was suffering from burnout and to get back on track, I needed to understand my role properly and what is it that gives value to my work, the team, and the people I work with. This changed the...
Olgierd Gawroński

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What It’s Like To Be a Python Developer in Monterail
So here it is, another day begins, another boring daily meeting, another task to finish… Is that how you feel? Well, then, let me tell you that probably it’s the place, not the work, that is bringing you down.
Piotr Malinowski


Monterail Stands In Solidarity With Ukraine
Monterail supports everyone affected by the invasion of Ukraine. We’re contributing to aid efforts by donating office space and 100,000PLN to Fundacja Ukraina.   The invasion has affected so many, including our...
Monterail Team
Application integration, API guide

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Guide to Application Integration for Beginners
Businesses need to constantly produce fresh ideas and find new ways of development. In the big maze of different platforms, tools, and software for companies, the work we do can easily turn into a huge mess. When using...
Monterail Team


Introduction to Domain Events
Recently we made an introduction to the Rails Event Store but to get fully into the topic there are dozens of ideas to learn about, so we won’t stop there. Today I would like to tackle the simplest problem in the stack...
Jan Dudulski


How A Relocation Package Helps Us Attract Top Talent
As the appetite for software development services continues to grow all around the world, finding top developers becomes more and more difficult.
Monterail Team

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On Our Way to Longevity—Why We Introduced Sabbaticals to Monterail's Organizational Culture
Earlier this June, we introduced the possibility of taking a sabbatical, available to all employees. A paid, extra month-long leave for anyone reaching their five-year mark with the company,
Bartosz Rega

Project Management  Culture  Agile 

How To Deal With Cultural Differences in Project Management?
Imagine that you talk to one of your clients from the USA and instead of a brief small talk, you go straight to the point of your meeting. Or you disagree with the Japanese stakeholder in a straightforward manner.
Julia Szablewska
How inclusive language really works

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“Now we can't say anything!” - How Inclusive Language ACTUALLY Works
Have you ever received an email that starts with "Dear Sir/Madam?" Have you seen "Looking for Java Developer" on job boards with a photo of a 25-30-year-old man coding on his laptop? Or heard "Hey Guys" at the beginning...
Dominika Dudek
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