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healthcare application

Development  MedTech 

The Ultimate Guide for Healthcare App Development in 2023
While MedTech was on the rise even before the Covid-19 pandemic, in 2020 we experienced a soaring increase in the number of healthcare, wellness, and medical applications aimed not only at regular users (patients) but...
Matylda Chmielewska
go beginner's guide

Development  Technology  Go 

Golang Beginner's Guide: Your First Steps
Although currently rated in 12th position in TIOBE Programming Community Index, Go has had its ebbs and flows throughout the years, and is still gaining popularity. Once widely adopted at Google where it was first...
Jacek Majda

Python  Development  Technology 

What is Python Used For - Top 10 Examples of Successful Applications
Despite being a veteran among programming languages, Python still holds the 3rd solid position in popularity contests, according to the Stack Overflow survey.
Kaja Grzybowska

Technology  Web3 

Blockchain: A Deep-Dive into Its Future
In the second article of the series, I will describe in more detail some of the main challenges of blockchain. We will find out what a peer-to-peer network is, and what are smart contracts as well as decentralized...
Gilbert Komin

Development  Ruby/Rails  Outsourcing 

How to Prepare to Work With an External RoR Development Agency
Today, when technology changes at a breakneck pace, the old dilemma of “hire developers or lease them” seems a bit academic. Having in-house all competencies necessary to keep up with the market is simply impossible,...
Kaja Grzybowska

Product Design  Development  User Experience 

UX Audit–The Way to Improve Your Digital Product
While developing your digital product, I bet you've done your homework: you established user personas, went through every stage of the product design process, collected feedback, implemented improvements...
Kaja Grzybowska

Business  Culture 

How We Build Long-term Business Partnerships
We’ve recently celebrated our twelfth birthday at Monterail, and while the list of our clients and the projects we helped develop has grown longer over the years, our willingness to share what we know remains the same....
Matylda Chmielewska

JavaScript  React  Development 

What Is React.js and When To Choose It For App Development?
React.js, a JavaScript library invented almost a decade ago, has quickly become a third of the so-called Holy Trinity among Javascript frameworks (although technically it is closer to the library) next to Angular and...
Kaja Grzybowska


Hi!5 Sabbatical - What We've Learned After Three Years and 20 Leaves
We introduced the Hi!5 Sabbatical initiative to Monterail in June 2019. Three years and almost 20 leaves later, we take a step back to reflect on how it’s been - and what’s coming next.
Carlos Oliveira

Python  Conference 

PyCon Portugal 2022: Monterailians on the Trail of Python
If you have any information about Monterail, you probably know that our company started its journey back in 2010 with Ruby as our primary technology. It’s been a long journey and after some point, we’ve decided to...
Arzu Huseynov
go vs python performance

Development  Go 

Go vs. Python: Key Differences Explained
In the Golang series on our blog - so far - we’ve focused on the introduction to this underrated programming language. This time, I’ll analyze the differences between one of the valued technologies, Python, and its...
Matylda Chmielewska
Remote first approach at Monterail blog post featured image

Business  Culture  Agile 

How We Handle the Remote-First Approach at Monterail [UPDATED 2022]
In January 2020, we introduced the remote-first approach to our organization as one of our Key Initiatives for that year. The shift seemed radical at a time - little did we know that soon enough it would become the...
Katarzyna Tatomir-Rebeś
blockchain basics

Technology  Web3 

The Guide to Blockchain: How Does It Work?
With the rise of Web3, blockchain has undoubtedly become one of the most important words in the current financial domain. In this article, I will try to introduce you to the basics and answer any questions you may have....
Gilbert Komin

Culture  D&I 

Emotions at Work: Unprofessional or Unappreciated Asset?
There is a widespread belief that there is no place for emotions at work, which may lead to the erroneous equation of professionalism with adopting an indifferent attitude. In addition, we suppress emotions because we...
Dominika Dudek

Development  Flutter  Ionic 

Flutter vs Ionic: Which Cross-Platform Framework To Use in 2022
When developing a multi-platform application, there are many frameworks to help you get started. Two you might consider are Flutter or Ionic. In this blog, we’ll explore the similarities and differences between Flutter...
Ruslan Zaripov

Business  Ruby/Rails 

Old Ruby Codebase - When to Update, What to Consider (Checklist)
A programming saying to live by is “code that you don’t touch gets rusty over time”. We have to realize that our piece of software is not a completely isolated, independent unit (even when using containerization like...
Jan Dudulski
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