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9 HR tech trends for business

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9 HR Technology Trends To Influence Your Business in 2023
By design, Human Resources is all about people. But does it mean that we should keep it away from technology? Quite the contrary.
Karolina Kurcwald
Famous companies that switched to Elixir Phoenix

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Eight Famous Companies Using Elixir—And Why They Made the Switch
What is Elixir? It is a functional and dynamic programming language first released in 2012, so it’s still relatively new.
Karolina Kurcwald

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Top 7 HR Tech Events in Berlin to Attend in 2019 (June-December)
Technology is changing just about everything in how we do business and work these days. And when it comes to Human Resources, the change is not just about automating repetitive processes like payroll, but also – or...
Karolina Kurcwald
prototyping software development

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Software Prototype - Why It Is Essential and How to Build It?
Imagine you are developing your next big project. Let’s say it is a Web app that will be used by thousands of people and will take months to develop. This means a lot of billable hours for your developers, designers,...
Karolina Kurcwald

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Five Data Visualization Best Practices To Ensure Clarity
Have you ever wondered what makes data useful and meaningful? In the beginning, when the only thing before you is a sprawling set of data, it feels simple and honest, but doesn’t exactly say much. However, the moment...
Karolina Kurcwald

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Key Things To Consider When Hiring An In-House Development Team
We’re all a part of the digitization era. That means that companies which once relied on an offline business model must move it (at least partly) to the online world. Therefore more and more companies face the same...
Karolina Kurcwald
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