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Elixir  Development 

How We Learned Elixir—Our Story and Tutorial for Beginners
At Monterail we have fancied the Elixir language for quite a long time. However, for some reasons, we failed to get it into production usage except for a few minor implementations. And I felt like this should change. So...
Jan Dudulski

IoT  Development  Elixir 

IoT with Elixir and CoAP part 2: How to easily prototype and build an IoT platform
We are back with the second part of our IoT development series. Please check out the first part for a brief description of the CoAP protocol and introduction to what we are trying to achieve.
Michał Podwórny

IoT  Elixir  Development 

How To Easily Prototype And Build An IoT Platform with Elixir and CoAP: Part I
The number of devices going online grows every day. Connecting them all presents new challenges since IoT hardware is often limited in terms of available resources. Cheap, power-efficient microcontrollers with...
Michał Podwórny

Elixir  Development  Ruby/Rails 

We All Are Going To Meet In The Elixir World
The snowball effect has just started. While the ball remains quite small, it is still big enough to be seen and it will reach full speed soon. If you don't want to find yourself in an avalanche, you should start...
Jan Dudulski
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