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Author: Radek Markiewicz

Actionable Tips to Improve Web Performance with Rails

Recently, I had a pleasure of attending the Wroclove.rb conference in Wrocław where one talk in particular caught my attention more than others. “Web Performance with Rails” by Stefan Wintermeyer was, in my opinion, the best prepared, one of the most indispensable, and definitely the most useful of all the talks but, most importantly for me, it was a wellspring of new knowledge for me and a source of inspiration that ultimately drove me to write this post. 

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The reason why React Native apps may fail App Store review process

There has been a big fuss around React Native (RN) apps compliance with App Store review guidelines for a while now. The big question is: Is Apple supposed to ban React Native and remove apps built with it from its store? We dove deeper into the subject to find out what is going on. Here’s the essence of this debate.

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Deployment setup for JRuby Rails app with Puma, Mina and Moni


Recently, I had my first real experience with deploying a (small) web application. I had to perform a pretty wide research and torture some experienced people with handling the difficulties. I gained knowledge that I consider worth sharing. Let me describe configuration of deployment stack and scripts created for the aforementioned app.

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Angular non-trivial performance hints

Is Angular really that slow?

I read many opinions that AngularJS is a framework for creating slow frontend applications. Authorities on the topic provide numerous arguments about this and I mostly agree with them. This is particularly true when compared to other frameworks like react.js.

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The story of Angular watchers toggler directive


We recently had new clients come to us. They had an application, written in AngularJS, with hard performance issues and heard that we could help them improve it without rewriting half (or more) of the code. I'd like to share the story and solution of one of the problems we encountered. I learned a lot and hope that this post will help people who are looking for similar knowledge. By the way, I encourage you, dear reader, to dig into Angular (or any other framework) internals yourself - I found it fun and inspiring!

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