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Angular vs React

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Angular vs React—Which One To Choose For Your Web App?
JavaScript developers will agree that the right framework saves weeks of production time. The plan — write less code and ship a functional frontend faster. You are here to discover the practical difference between...
Michael Sols

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Angularjs vs Angular in 2021 - when and how to migrate your app?
Getting into a project based on AngularJS in its 1.4 version is not the most exciting thing that can happen to a programmer in 2021. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a junior front-end developer or a senior...
angularJS interview

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Angular, the Successor of AngularJS, Is Thriving and Has Big Plans for the Future. An Interview with Stephen Fluin
AngularJS revolutionized how we build modern apps. In early July, AngularJS entered its long-term support phase, which means that the Google team will no longer be merging any new features or fixes that would require...
Karolina Gawron
AngularJS entering LTS

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Long Term Support for AngularJS: What Are Viable Alternatives for Your App?
Having an AngularJS app in 2018 probably means one of two things: either the app has been abandoned and isn’t really used or you’ve been thinking about migrating to another framework, but the time and costs that would...
Karolina Gawron

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The story of Angular watchers toggler directive
Genesis We recently had new clients come to us. They had an application, written in AngularJS, with hard performance issues and heard that we could help them improve it without rewriting half (or more) of the code. I'd...
Radek Markiewicz

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6 Tips for a Responsive Angular Application
As a web developer, there inevitably comes a time when we have to add responsiveness to an application. If you use Angular at your work, I've found some solutions that may help you deliver beautiful experience for...
Patryk Peas

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Little-known directives of Angular.js
During my recreational reading of Angular.js documentation I made a handful of notes describing some little-known, yet useful directives. Bon appétit.
Adam Stankiewicz

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Server form validation with Angular.js
At Monterail, we’ve fallen in love with Angular.js. It focuses on data and state instead of how your DOM should look like and where all those ids and classnames are. Unfortunately, there are still fields with dragons...
Jan Dudulski
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