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Why Shadowing Is Key To Nurturing Talent Quickly and How to Do It Well
Close your eyes and try to recall your first months as a developer. How was it? Did you have enough help from more experienced colleagues? Did you have enough opportunity to discuss all problems with your leader?
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How Event Storming Will Improve Your Business Processes
Ever since I started working with clients (that would be 6 years now!), and their evolving businesses, I’ve experienced these uncomfortable moments from time to time. These moments in the process of developing an...
Wojciech Maciejak
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Why Is Choosing Good Solutions for Projects So Hard in Rails?
For a long time, I’ve been hearing a lot of criticism about the Rails way and some months ago my private experiences convinced me that I cannot find any use cases for that approach. It has developers build very fat...
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Rails Aren’t Bad. Active Record Is
Is there anyone out there in the Ruby community who doesn’t know Active Record? I don’t think so. Many of us start our adventure with Rails by writing AR models. And we write them a lot. We detect the N+1 issue many...
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What Did I Learn After Going Eighteen Months Without Rails
A couple of months back, I finished my first major project with Ruby but off Rails. You probably don’t know that, but I’m one of these people who first tries to master a framework and only then looks at the...
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How To Update Recursively With Common Table Expression
How it’s begun Some days ago I coded a new feature for my project in work(ROM-rb with a sequel). At the beginning, the task seemed easy. After all, it was just another standard update of the entity without any...
Wojciech Maciejak

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IoT HealthTech App: Building Heartbeat Detector Using Phone Camera
A few months ago I bought a smartband. The main idea being prosaic - I wanted to receive notifications from a smartphone as well as have a good pedometer. A few weeks after the purchase, the same company came out with a...
Wojciech Maciejak
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