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Ruby on Rails Bootcamp - Key Takeaways From Participants
In 2022 we are holding our third Rubycamp. It’s a unique bootcamp dedicated to Ruby on Rails where, for two months, participants immerse themselves in Ruby with hands-on mentoring by experts.
Carlos Oliveira

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Our Approach to Learning and Teaching–Vue Bootcamp the Monterail Way
In April 2022 we organized the Monterail Vue Bootcamp which was already our third Monterail bootcamp. Having some experience in the field and takeaways to share, we decided to unveil more details about this successful...
Wiktoria Krzyż

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Why Shadowing Is Key To Nurturing Talent Quickly and How to Do It Well
Close your eyes and try to recall your first months as a developer. How was it? Did you have enough help from more experienced colleagues? Did you have enough opportunity to discuss all problems with your leader?
Wojciech Maciejak
Why Did We Decide to Organize Ruby Bootcamp Our Own Way? -- featured image

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Why Did We Decide to Organize a Ruby Bootcamp Our Own Way?
Perhaps, bootcamps that you have experienced before were quite different than what we're doing. They may have cost you a lot of money and left you with a lot of theoretical knowledge but no real sense of what to do...
Wiktoria Krzyż
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