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Scoping Project Phase in Agile—How To Make Sprint Planning Effective?
Capacity dictates each team’s day-to-day work. “What can we do? How much can we get done? Will we make it on time?” Reasonable capacity planning (or scoping) is important—without a good scope, your project will run out...
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How To Shape Pricing Strategy of a SaaS Product
Startups can fund growth either by spending VC money or by the money they earn from their customers. A business can use a variety of pricing strategies when selling a product or service—and, according to Price...
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Crafting Your AI Strategy. A Machine Learning Primer for Managers
We're coming up on the end of the busiest season in the tech industry. Facebook held its F8 conference in April, Microsoft did Microsoft Build in early May, and Google just wrapped up their Google I/O conference. At the...
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Guide: Validate Your Product Idea Without Investing In Development
An aspiring entrepreneur I’ve recently consulted told me that she’s done coding. As she’s a great programmer, I asked her what’s wrong. She was a capable technical co-founder, but, as it often turned out, she was too...
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How to Deal With Abstract Concepts in Programming? Revisit Your Basics
I once asked a friend if he could teach me how to play the guitar. He had been interested in music for a few years and knew his stuff; I had just bought my first instrument.
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4 Things I've Learned as a Product Designer so Far
For a while now, I’ve been one of Monterail’s product designers.
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UX Wrocław's Refresh
After almost nine months since the last event, another UX Wrocław event took place last week.
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How to Turn Teamwork into Culture
Teamwork is hard. Here’s the situation: the requirements have once again changed. The deadline is approaching. The current sprint ends tomorrow and some user stories are still not yet finished. If you’re a startup, you...
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Useful tricks & tips for Grape and Rails APIs
In our first post of this series, we wrote about how to build a simple versioned API with Grape and Rails. If you didn't get a chance to read our introduction to this tool or haven't heard of it yet, Grape is a...
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