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Why choose Flutter?

Backed by big companies

Google created and develops it; BMW, eBay, and Alibaba are using it to efficiently build native-looking releases of their mobile apps.

One codebase, many plaforms

Unify features and UI across platforms, devices, countries and brands. Increase development efficiency, make maintenance easier, onboard new developers smoothly.


Flutter is directly translated into native code, which means it starts up faster and has fewer performance issues.

Open source

Take advantage of an active community of contributors, continuously building tools that ease development.


Because Flutter uses its own widgets, developers see fewer compatibility issues over different OS versions.

Low cost

One codebase means you need a smaller team to take care of multiple platforms. Flutter also tends to require fewer performance tweaks between different target platforms.

When to choose Flutter?

The best use case for Flutter is building a graphically advanced app that should maintain great performance in virtually any environment. Flutter is designed to handle many concurrent animations, all while keeping the silky smooth 60-90 fps motion.

Flutter is also a perfect tool for building embedded systems that power car panels, touchpads in a factory, hotel self-check-in tablets, and much more.

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Transparency and clarity

We love the fact that at every stage of project development, we’re perfectly aware of what’s going on. We see the achieved milestones, keep track of the budget and stay updated on the timeline. That transparency gives us a sense of security.

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