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Agile Project Management: Building Your First Application Using Agile
I don’t want to scare you but as an entrepreneur debuting in the world of digital products, you’re going to face lots of challenges. When operating in the tech environment, you need to adapt to highly dynamic market...
Joanna Staromiejska
Monterail Tech Network

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Monterail Tech Network — Freelancer's Freedom, Long-Term Cooperation
Enjoying your freelancer’s job but would appreciate a stable work environment and interesting projects? Or maybe flexibility is the most important factor when looking for your next gig? We took it all into consideration...
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Monterail 12th Anniversary - Striving for Longevity
Monterail has recently celebrated its twelfth birthday! This milestone is a good opportunity to think back and appreciate all the good things that happened over time. We grew and developed but our growth wasn’t only...
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Transforming E-commerce with Innovative Live Shopping Software - ELISA
Imagine being able to sell your products providing an excellent e-commerce process with a unique real-store experience. Getting the most out of advanced tools without losing the personal touch. How can you make it? Live...
Joanna Staromiejska
Agile Resource Planning

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How We Minimize Risks in Projects With Resource Planning
The Agile mindset is all about responding to changes: minimize risk, deliver fast, repeat. But a business cannot thrive on reacting only - it needs a reliable plan that reminds everyone where North is. How can a...
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8 Great Examples of Node.js Development in Enterprise Products
Netflix, PayPal, Intel, eBay, Groupon... What do all these names have in common? Aside from the fact that they all offer a highly popular service or product, of course. They’re all enterprises operating on a global...
Joanna Staromiejska
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Pizza Hut Case Study: Introducing Contact-Free Delivery
Imagine you’re running a leading restaurant in the country or even a small bistro in the city center, and suddenly due to higher power, you need to close your business.
Joanna Staromiejska
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What Happened at Monterail in 2019—a Recap in Eleven Points
As we pass into the new year, many of us do some sort of mental recap of the past twelve months. Without such a reflection, chances are you will forget about pretty great things.
Joanna Staromiejska
Cooleaf - Profitable HR Software - Employee Engagement

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Client Stories: Cooleaf—from Startup To Profitable HR Tech Product
In many organizations, HR is viewed as a cost center rather than a strategic part of the business, contributing to its poor reputation.
Joanna Staromiejska

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HR Tech Expert Series: The Global HR Tech Ecosystem—Interview
The global HR tech market is booming and further growth is predicted by experts. With a skyrocketing number of latest HR tech tools, companies struggle to keep up and choose the right ones.
Joanna Staromiejska

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HR Tech Expert Series: Creating Candidate-First Experience—Interview
In 2018, there were around 600,000 job vacancies in the UK in the digital technology sector alone, according to an Edge Foundation report.
Joanna Staromiejska
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HR Tech Expert Series: Managing Company Culture with Data—
Quantifying culture. This term might seem obscure or even make you wonder, how can we measure such an intangible asset as company culture?
Joanna Staromiejska

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HR Tech Expert Series: The Role of Data in Employee Engagement— Peakon
In today’s world, organizations collect and use all sorts of data. And data fuels and sits at the heart of much of modern HR tools. While everyone is more or less aware of that fact, questions continue to abound about...
Joanna Staromiejska
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Why Knowledge Sharing is Key to Your Software Development Project
Most software development companies boast about the knowledge sharing going on inside their teams and even publish job offers featuring catchy gems like: "Great working place where you can learn from the best and grow."...
Joanna Staromiejska
Digital Transformation - HR Tech

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EQxAI in Team Performance Software—Takeaways from Our Event in Berlin
The end of June was a special time for Monterail as it marked the inaugural event of our Digital Transformation Through Meaningful Software series.
Joanna Staromiejska

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HR Tech Expert Series: How Businesses Transform Digitally — Interview
HR tech has been a booming industry for quite some time now. HR tech start-ups are reshaping or will reshape the way businesses work, with the ultimate goal being the complete digitization of HR departments. By...
Joanna Staromiejska
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