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13 Best Progressive Web App (PWA) Examples in 2022
In 2022, internet traffic is split 38.6/59% between desktop and mobile. As 76% of customers expect a comparable product experience across channels, companies turn towards progressive web apps (PWAs) — advanced websites...
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How we work towards workplace diversity - featured image


How we work towards workplace diversity
Today, we’re happy to announce that we have been recognized by the Women’s Faces committee that rewards Polish companies leading in female empowerment practices. The 2nd place award in the category of a “Woman-friendly...
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Project Management 

The 4 most popular software development methodologies
Development frameworks are like a GPS route. While the end-goal is to deliver reliable software, the travel plan must work for professionals of many departments. The methodology sets the game-plan: daily rules; work...
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Angular vs React

React  Angular 

Angular vs React—Which One To Choose For Your Web App?
JavaScript developers will agree that the right framework saves weeks of production time. The plan — write less code and ship a functional frontend faster. You are here to discover the practical difference between...
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