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How We Got a Web App for Free with React Native and ReactXP

Using ReactXP allowed us to develop a native mobile app for two platforms and a Web app simultaneously, essentially giving us the Web app for free. And now I'm going to tell you a story behind it.

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How React Fiber can make your web and mobile apps smoother and more responsive

Update 26.07.2017:

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How to build a reactive engine in JavaScript. Part 1: Observable objects

The reactive way

With the growing need for robust and interactive web interfaces, many developers have started embracing the reactive programming paradigm.

Before we begin implementing our own reactive engine, let’s quickly explain what reactive programming actually is. Wikipedia gives us a classic example of a reactive interface implementation – namely a spreadsheet. Defining a formula such as =A1+B1 would update the cell whenever either A1 or B1 change. Such a formula can be considered a computed value.

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