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“Should I Consider PWA?” Remarkable Possibilities of Progressive Web Apps

Have you heard about progressive Web apps? Of course you have. The whole Internet seems to be discussing them right now. And the subject got even hotter after Google I/O 18’ and a long-awaited confirmation that PWAs are coming to desktop for Chrome OS 67 in early June. Work is already under way for Windows and Mac.

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PWAs Are Now Available for Apple Devices with iOS 11.3

And so it happened. Progressive Web Apps are no longer limited to Android users, but can be now accessed by iPhone and iPad owners with the 11.3 iOS update. On March 30, Apple has quietly added support for technologies that make PWAs work (although you will not find any mention of this in their official press release), thus allowing you to install apps without any approval from the App Store. The PWAs on iOS are still far from being as smooth as they is on Chrome, Opera, or Firefox, but still it’s a big step for Apple.

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Different Approaches to Cross-Platform Development: NativeScript, React Native, PWA, and Hybrid Apps

A smooth, cross-platform experience is the dream of every developer and business owner since the release of modern smartphones. In the history of mobile we’ve had iPhones and Blackberries, Android, Windows Phones, and a handful of smaller players. Building a native app for each one of these platforms sounds like an expensive venture and a long and arduous process.

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