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eCommerce and Conversational AI: Choosing the Right Solution
With artificial intelligence being employed in more and more sectors, it is inevitable that it will also impact and reshape the retail industry as we know it.
Matylda Chmielewska


Creating a Unified Retail Experience Across Channels
The "brick & mortar" stores suffered a severe blow from the pandemic, while eCommerce saw a significant surge. However, the situation gets back to normal, and the customers' desire for a truly unified shopping...
Kaja Grzybowska
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How AI is Transforming Retail and How to Leverage It
Since ChatGPT disrupted the internet in late 2022, the surge in Artificial Intelligence has begun, leaving us without any doubts that we are experiencing a genuine revolution. Although we are currently facing some...
Kaja Grzybowska

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Transforming E-commerce with Innovative Live Shopping Software - ELISA
Imagine being able to sell your products providing an excellent e-commerce process with a unique real-store experience. Getting the most out of advanced tools without losing the personal touch. How can you make it? Live...
Joanna Staromiejska

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A Talk with Spree, the Fastest-Growing Open-Source Ecommerce Platform
We reached out to the Spree open-source core team to see if they could shed some light on what it's like working on this awesome project from their perspective. Spree Commerce, led by the Spark Solutions team, is an...
Peter Curac-Dahl
eCommerce Platforms Comparison Part 3 Shopify and Open Source Alternatives


eCommerce Platforms Comparison Part 3 — Shopify vs Open Source
As of September 2020, 18% of e-shops on the entire Internet use Shopify. In the USA, it’s 22%.
Błażej Cepil
Ecommerce platform comparison -- performance and extensibility featured image

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Open Source eCommerce Comparison Part 2 — Performance, Extensibility
Our previous blog post gave you an overview of the most popular eCommerce platforms based on Ruby, Node.js, and Python. We’ve evaluated them in terms of how quickly you can set up an online shop and what possibilities...
Błażej Cepil

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Open Source eCommerce Platforms Comparison Part 1 — Ruby, Node, Python
There are tons of free or inexpensive eCommerce platforms available. The likes of Shopify or WooCommerce seemingly have it all and don’t require any development effort to be set up. But open-source eCommerce platforms...
Błażej Cepil
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