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We’re in Need of a Seasoned Product Designer. Join us!

Just like in the title. I’m in a need of a seasoned UX / product designer. I’m not gonna dwell too much on who we’re looking for… Instead, I want you to show me your personality, skills, and portfolio. If you’re good, you’re in. This is how it works. But just to give you some more light on who we’re looking for...

TL;DR—said designer needs to have a huge agency experience and will work on many different projects from discovery phase till implementation.

We have a wonderful but rather small team of designers. We work, almost exclusively, with foreign clients. English discussing, thinking, and writing are a crucial must. More languages are very welcome, though! Recently we acquired a client form Germany and we do user tests with the best help from our Business Analyst—Tania. If you speak, for example, German, Spanish, Russian, and Ukrainian, you’ll surely find someone among our team and our clients for a friendly and/or professional convo.

People at Monterail are awesome, the culture is unprecedented, and we try to work with clients that you can partner and dance toward previously agreed goals.

To those goals we sneak, rather than march. A lot of guerilla tactics. A lot of flexibility in choosing tools and frameworks. Doing the product is the most important.

Senior designer, in my mind, is independent, focused, curious, humble, and fast. (And at Monterail she or he earns from 9000 PLN netto on B2B contract.)

If you’re interested in having a chat, please drop me a line on


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