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Working Towards GDPR Compliance: 30 Questions To Be Answered By Digital Businesses

Kamila Koszewicz

April 18, 2018 | Business GDPR

There are probably few companies—whether in the IT industry or outside of it—that could say confidently “Yes, we’re ready for the GDPR”. The new law is a hard nut to crack as it does not provide explicit instructions or procedures, and puts it on businesses to decide how to comply with its regulations. Since every company processes personal data in a different scope, for different purposes and using different means, there is no universal approach or a solution to have implemented.

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PWAs Are Now Available for Apple Devices with iOS 11.3

And so it happened. Progressive Web Apps are no longer limited to Android users, but can be now accessed by iPhone and iPad owners with the 11.3 iOS update. On March 30, Apple has quietly added support for technologies that make PWAs work (although you will not find any mention of this in their official press release), thus allowing you to install apps without any approval from the App Store. The PWAs on iOS are still far from being as smooth as they is on Chrome, Opera, or Firefox, but still it’s a big step for Apple.

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Monterail on the Financial Times 1000 List of Europe’s Fastest-Growing Companies

Monterail Team

April 9, 2018 | Culture

Focusing on delivering high-quality software and building a close-knit team pays off. How do we know? Monterail has been ranked in Financial Times list of 1000 Europe’s fastest growing companies in 2018. This is the third 2018 ranking in which Monterail has been recognized as one of the most dynamic companies in Poland and Europe (hello Deloitte Technology Fast 50 and Gazele Biznesu!).

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How We Got a Web App for Free with React Native and ReactXP

Using ReactXP allowed us to develop a native mobile app for two platforms and a Web app simultaneously, essentially giving us the Web app for free. And now I'm going to tell you a story behind it.

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Tech Leading—A Story of One Project in Four Acts

This is a story of how a day-to-day developer overcame his fears and came out of his comfort zone. Of how he and his team got into a project which code was so bad they cried a little when they saw it for the first time. Of how they took care of it and made it great. Of how they made clients happy and left the whole team with a “mission accomplished” feeling. Of how they finally succeeded.

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Rails Aren’t Bad. Active Record Is.

Is there anyone out there in the Ruby community who doesn’t know Active Record? I don’t think so. Many of us start our adventure with Rails by writing AR models. And we write them a lot. We detect the N+1 issue many times. We refactor it much more. We doubt our ideas, solutions, and AR many, many times in our Ruby lives. 

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27 Women Who Change the Tech World [Infographic]

Karolina Gawron

March 8, 2018 | Culture

From developers to designers, from CEOs to investors, today’s tech landscape is full of people redefining our perception and use of technology. Among them—many women spearheading this change. True, there are still too few of them in this world, but them women from listed below are doing their utmost to change that state of affairs.

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SOLID Principles Cheatsheet [Printable PDF]

Zuzia Kusznir

March 5, 2018 | Development

In object-oriented programming, SOLID states for five design principles that help a developer build easy to extend and maintain software. In this article I’m not going to explain what’s hidden behind it though. It’s been already done by Uncle Bob (who wrote the rules down) and in dozens of articles all over the web (like the one on by Lea Karam).

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Chicken or the Egg? Terraform’s Remote Backend

Jan Dudulski

February 27, 2018 | Development DevOps

Recently, we have decided to expand our DevOps stack with the addition of Terraform for creating Infrastructure as Code manifests. It became obvious from the start that local backend is not an option, so we had to set up a remote one.

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Different Approaches to Cross-Platform Development: NativeScript, React Native, PWA, and Hybrid Apps

A smooth, cross-platform experience is the dream of every developer and business owner since the release of modern smartphones. In the history of mobile we’ve had iPhones and Blackberries, Android, Windows Phones, and a handful of smaller players. Building a native app for each one of these platforms sounds like an expensive venture and a long and arduous process.

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