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prometheus custom metrics

Python  Open Source  Backend  Django 

Keep Your Django Application Under Control: Creating Custom Metrics with Prometheus
When we create an application, we often think that once it's deployed to production, our work is done. Nothing could be further from the truth! What if an issue occurs that could not be foreseen during the...
Rafał Kondziela


Interview with Evan You - Insights About Vue 3 and Developer Experience
We spoke with Evan You, creator of Vue.js, ahead of the Vue Amsterdam 2022, the largest conference on the framework, that took place in June. During this fruitful conversation, Evan took us through the origins of Vue in...
Monterail Team

Business  Ecommerce 

Transforming E-commerce with Innovative Live Shopping Software - ELISA
Imagine being able to sell your products providing an excellent e-commerce process with a unique real-store experience. Getting the most out of advanced tools without losing the personal touch. How can you make it? Live...
Joanna Staromiejska
user persona

Product Design  User Experience 

The Role of User Persona in the Product Design Process
The user persona remains one of the most crucial tools in the product design process and is commonly considered to be among the best ways to understand the target group. And it actually is. At times, it may be difficult...
Kaja Grzybowska


13 Best Progressive Web App (PWA) Examples in 2022
In 2022, internet traffic is split 38.6/59% between desktop and mobile. As 76% of customers expect a comparable product experience across channels, companies turn towards progressive web apps (PWAs) — advanced websites...
Michael Sols
Agile Resource Planning

Project Management  Business  Agile 

How We Minimize Risks in Projects With Resource Planning
The Agile mindset is all about responding to changes: minimize risk, deliver fast, repeat. But a business cannot thrive on reacting only - it needs a reliable plan that reminds everyone where North is. How can a...
Joanna Staromiejska
Why Ruby on Rails Is Still a Good Choice in 2022 - Featured banner

Business  Development  Ruby/Rails 

Why Ruby on Rails Is Still a Good Choice in 2022 [UPDATED]
Every year, we’re pelted by articles proclaiming the death of this gem of a framework. And while Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a bit over 15 years old, it’s nowhere close to passing on from the world of programming.
Maja Nowak
ux research product design

Product Design  User Experience 

Improving Product Design Process with UX Research
The value of UX design in developing digital products is no longer disputable, especially when we realize how good UX influences conversion rates and creates exceptional user experiences. Yet, when it comes to UX...
Kaja Grzybowska

Culture  Vue.js  Monterail bootcamp 

Our Approach to Learning and Teaching–Vue.js Bootcamp the Monterail Way
In April 2022 we organized the Monterail Vue Bootcamp which was already our third Monterail bootcamp. Having some experience in the field and takeaways to share, we decided to unveil more details about this successful...
Wiktoria Krzyż

Culture  Recruitment  Backend 

Recruiting the Monterail Way — What Backend Developers Can Expect
Recruitment is the art of balancing.
Monterail Team

Technology  Flutter 

7 Things You Need to Learn as a Flutter Developer–Guide For Beginners
Everyone follows their own path when it comes to learning new programming languages or frameworks. On-site courses, bootcamps, self-learning. So, is there one way to become a Flutter developer? Of course not. However,...
Michał Kochmański

JavaScript  Technology  Flutter 

Guide to Building Flutter Applications - The Monterail Way
Flutter has been on our Tech Radar for more than two years now and since then, we’ve built a solid team of cherry-picked Flutter developers that can deliver quality apps. In the meantime, this team was working on...
Marcin Wróblewski

Development  Ruby/Rails  Technology  Backend 

How to Take Your Project to The Next Level? Tips from Ruby on Rails Developer
We all started at the same point - learning how to code. Most of us focused almost exclusively on learning how to program in a chosen language and practiced it. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s natural when you...
Anna Kotowicz

Culture  D&I 

Tackling Unconscious Bias in the Workplace
How Does Our Brain Work? Psychologists have known for some time that we have two operating systems for processing information. Working simultaneously, within the brain, but doing very different things with the same...
Dominika Dudek
hr leaders

HR Tech 

HR Tech Opinion Leaders To Follow in 2022
As HR tech gains momentum, the amount of online information covering the topic seems to grow exponentially. Sifting through the noise to find valuable insights might be tricky. 
Maja Nowak
How to decode what developers say blog post featured image

Project Management  Development 

Project Risk Management: A Guide for Non-tech Project Managers
Mastering managing projects can be difficult, and if you’re just starting out as a Junior Project Manager, project risk management is one of the most challenging aspects of it. You need a lot of intuition, experience,...
Błażej Cepil
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