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Create Your First Remote Push Notifications System in React Native–Step by Step Tutorial
Push notifications on your phone can be super useful. Are you thinking about them for your application but aren't sure where to start? Maybe it seems too complicated and that's the reason your users still aren't...
Anna Skrzeszewska

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Product Design Process: Discovery Phase [UPDATED 2022]
Working with an outsourced team can be a challenge. Different locations, time zones, and sometimes even cultures. You're in one location, while your hired team is elsewhere, building what will  become your product. How...
Paweł Hawrylak
More Secure Passwords in Bcrypt — Beating the 72 Bytes Limitation - featured image

Development  Ruby/Rails  Technology 

More Secure Passwords in Bcrypt — Beating the 72 Bytes Limitation
Storing passwords is a pretty common workflow that needs to be done when developing web applications, so it's best to use well-established solutions for that.
Rafał Rothenberger


KBM a.k.a Knowledge Base Monterail - What Is It and How Does It Work?
When a company is small in size, knowledge-sharing happens quite naturally. You chat to someone at their desk, you overhear a conversation in the kitchen, or your leader mentions a new improvement they recently...
Wiktoria Krzyż
HR tech conferences in 2022

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The Biggest HR Tech Conferences in 2022
The HR technology market is thriving, delivering a bevy of innovative approaches to a field notorious for its slow adoption of tech-based solutions. 
Maja Nowak

Culture  Development  Vue.js 

What Does a Frontend Architect Do? My Monterail Way.
Meet Artur Rosa, he started his path at Monterail directly after graduating from University. Since then he's accomplished plenty, now he's a Frontend Architect and he wants to share his Monterail way. Read on as Artur...
Anna Pomichowska
Why Building MVP is Important and What Are The Next Steps - featured image


Why Building MVP is Important and What Are The Next Steps
Every application has one purpose: to help the users achieve a concrete goal, and in a seamless and pleasant way at that. That definition is as general as it gets but there’s a point to this vagueness.
Błażej Cepil


What Should You Know About Your First Days At Monterail?—The Onboarding Process
Hello there! If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ll be joining our Monterail team soon. First, congratulations! We’re happy to have you and we can’t wait to finally meet you in person. Hopefully, you feel...
Zuzanna Forell


Introduction to Rails Event Store
Event store is a proper name for a..., well, storage of events. Events are facts from the past. Such a trait makes our storage a great candidate for append-only mode, ie. there are only two operations available: read...
Jan Dudulski

Business  Culture 

A Developer's Perspective: Working at a Software Development Agency vs a Digital Product Company
The path towards becoming a software developer can lead you in many directions. You study in university, join a bootcamp, or even learn on your own to get your first internship. Even at this milestone the path doesn’t...
Antanina Goltstein

Business  Technology 

What Are the Benefits of Application Integration?
What is Application Integration? Application Integration comprises different software functions meant for various purposes to work together in a synchronized way.
Amit Chandra

Culture  Vue.js 

Monterail’s Partnership with Vue.js
Vue.js is a front-end Javascript framework created by Evan You in 2014. Internally, buzz about Vue started in Monterail in 2015. We were pretty early on the scene. 
Peter Curac-Dahl
Cooleaf - Employee engagement recognition tool

Business  Development  HR Tech 

Cooleaf - a Leading Platform for Employee Engagement & Recognition
John Duisberg and Sarwar Bhuiyan wanted to revolutionize the HR industry. In 2016 they co-founded Cooleaf, an employee experience platform that has acquired multiple recognitions, thousands of users, and gained the...
Nicole Defranc
The best mental health apps

Business  Technology  Mental health 

The Best Mental Health Apps
As the awareness of mental health raises, so does available apps and online solutions that target this industry. With more than 50% of Americans not having access to mental health services, technology makes its way to...
Nicole Defranc
Django vs Node.js: When to choose which -- featured image

Python  Development  Node.js 

Django vs Node.js: When to Choose Which Framework
Although Node.js and Django are two completely different tools, they both come up a lot when teams try to decide what technologies they should use to build a web application with.
Oskar Mieczkowski
iOS vs Android Development for Your Mobile App - Which is Better?

Mobile Development  iOS 

iOS vs Android Development for Your Mobile App: Which is Better?
With 218 billion global app downloads in 2020 alone, there’s no denying the importance of the mobile application market. Yes, it’s already huge, but it’s also still growing and full of potential. No wonder companies...
Oskar Mieczkowski
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