Looking for a reliable and modern front-end technology for your project? Learn how Vue.js will help you release your product faster.

Why We Love, Use, And Support Vue.js

Damian Dulisz

June 20, 2017 | Web Development New Technologies

Let me tell you a story about Vue. Not just from my perspective as a Vue developer. I will also try to explain some of the many reasons behind adopting it within Monterail. You will find out why adopting it was a good decision from both developer and product owner perspective. I will tell you how we embraced the Vue community and how did it lead us to make a major contribution to its history by organising the first international Vue conference! Enjoy!

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2017’s Web-Changing Trends That Will Influence Developers and Your Customers

Brenden Arakaki

June 8, 2017 | Web Development

If you have any stake in the future of the web, 2017 may be one of the most exciting jumping points for developer technologies that can reshape the way we build and experience the internet. Pay attention to the big-picture, web-changing technologies that have taken off this year—they’re groundbreaking and promise to be more than a passing trend.

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How To Implement White Label And Custom Features

Jan Dudulski

May 4, 2017 | rails whitelabel Web Development

If you've ever been working on an application with a domain concept like organizations I bet you had to struggle with custom features, behaviors and complete white labels. Most young fellows start such with the if-else construction which quickly can fall into monster-spaghetti. Can we do better?

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How React Fiber can make your web and mobile apps smoother and more responsive

Szymon Korzeniowski

April 27, 2017 | Web Development Mobile Development

Update 26.07.2017:

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Project Management guide on how to start a Web Development project with a remote team

Darya Stepanyan

October 4, 2016 | communication project management agile Web Development

How to make your relationship last

Starting a project with a new client is a lot like starting a relationship: you went on a few dates and you definitely like each other, but you are still distinct people with a different background and you have to be sure you agree on some fundamental things to make it last. Otherwise sooner or later these dissimilarities will haunt you and the beautiful thing you had together.

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Front end + design = prototype magic. Advantages of blurring responsibilities

Damian Dulisz

April 12, 2016 | front-end design prototype prototyping Web Development

The topic of whether designers should or should not learn to code isn’t actually anything new. The pursuit of creating the web of tomorrow has led to the blurring of lines between front-end and back-end development where the front-end developer has started to become too general. Ever since the popularisation of the AngularJS framework, JavaScript’s browser-side responsibility has grown furiously. Right now we have so many different and powerful frameworks that it’s hard to pick which one to learn next; we have React, Blaze (for Meteor), Ember.js, Aurelia, and Angular 2.0 waiting just around the corner, just to name a few. And don't forget Vue.js, which is actually my personal pick of the year.

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