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How To Deal With Cultural Differences in Project Management?
Imagine that you talk to one of your clients from the USA and instead of a brief small talk, you go straight to the point of your meeting. Or you disagree with the Japanese stakeholder in a straightforward manner.
Julia Szablewska
How inclusive language really works

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“Now we can't say anything!” - How Inclusive Language ACTUALLY Works
Have you ever received an email that starts with "Dear Sir/Madam?" Have you seen "Looking for Java Developer" on job boards with a photo of a 25-30-year-old man coding on his laptop? Or heard "Hey Guys" at the beginning...
Dominika Dudek


KBM a.k.a Knowledge Base Monterail - What Is It and How Does It Work?
When a company is small in size, knowledge-sharing happens quite naturally. You chat to someone at their desk, you overhear a conversation in the kitchen, or your leader mentions a new improvement they recently...
Wiktoria Krzyż

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What Does a Frontend Architect Do? My Monterail Way.
Meet Artur Rosa, he started his path at Monterail directly after graduating from University. Since then he's accomplished plenty, now he's a Frontend Architect and he wants to share his Monterail way. Read on as Artur...
Anna Pomichowska


Onboarding: What Should You Know About Your First Days At Monterail?
Hello there! If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ll be joining our Monterail team soon. First, congratulations! We’re happy to have you and we can’t wait to finally meet you in person. Hopefully, you feel...
Zuzanna Forell

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A Developer's Perspective: Software Development vs. Digital Product
The path towards becoming a software developer can lead you in many directions. You study in university, join a bootcamp, or even learn on your own to get your first internship. Even at this milestone the path doesn’t...
Antanina Goltstein

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Monterail’s Partnership with Vue.js
Vue.js is a front-end Javascript framework created by Evan You in 2014. Internally, buzz about Vue started in Monterail in 2015. We were pretty early on the scene.
Peter Curac-Dahl
Women in IT - Why do we need them

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Why Do We Need More Women in IT?
Having more women in IT is not part of filling a quota. It’s about an inclusive strategy that brings benefits to a company and its team. What kind of benefits, you ask? I'll share with you the changes I've seen in my 11...
Katarzyna Tatomir-Rebeś


Hi!5 Grzegorz Hajdukiewicz, Head of Delivery - Sabbatical Leave Story
Six and a half years after I joined Monterail, even though I was still eager to face new challenges, I knew I needed to rest. Everybody deserves and needs some time to think things through, clear their mind, and relax...
Grzegorz Hajdukiewicz

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What Does a Principal Engineer do? My Monterail Way.
He started at Monterail as a Junior Developer. Now he is a Principal Engineer, building the Mobile team and also shaping the developers’ team.
Anna Pomichowska
What is Mentoring and How Can it Improve Your Self-Development -- featured image


What is Mentoring and How Can it Improve Your Self-Development
When we start to think about the idea of self-development and broadening our horizons, we often look for new studies, courses, and certificates. It's nothing unusual, but what about just establishing a valuable...
Joanna Kostana
Diversity & Inclusion in Digital Design

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Tips From a Product Designer: How to Make Design More Inclusive
Exclusions happen in physical and digital spaces. But how often do we think about it in the digital product space? It is our duty as Product Designers to keep in mind diverse needs and create the most inclusive solution...
Paweł Hawrylak

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How Can We All Make Tech a More Inclusive Industry?
Do you use emojis? I’m pretty sure you do. Everyone has those in their phones, email apps or on Slack. Each emoji is created by the Unicode Consortium. It’s an organization operating in Silicon Valley and is tasked with...
Dominika Dudek
How we work towards workplace diversity - featured image


How We Work Towards Workplace Diversity
Today, we’re happy to announce that we have been recognized by the Women’s Faces committee that rewards Polish companies leading in female empowerment practices. The 2nd place award in the category of a “Woman-friendly...
Michael Sols


What Can You Expect from the Recruitment Process at Monterail?
Since the very beginning of Monterail’s operations on the market, we’ve been developing and perfecting all internal and external processes that show how we get things done.
Katarzyna Michalska

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How We Built a Truly Smart Office System Based on Raspberry Pi
Last year, when Monterail decided to change their office to be a bigger and better-designed place , they decided that it should also be smarter. I was introduced to the team as a person who could make this happen. I...
Kamil Górski
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