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Thunderbird redesign

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Thunderbird Works on Improving Its Interface—Take Part In the Survey
Our latest post on the Thunderbird redesign drew a lot of buzz from industry press. Some people loved the new, modern look, others preferred Thunderbird’s current default version. As a result, the mockups stirred some...
Krystian Polański

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Real-Time IoT Data Visualization – Good Design and UX Practices
Here at Monterail, we have done tons of research about the current state of IoT market, platforms, devices and technical details. Also, our talented developers started on their own building quick prototypes and ordering...
Marcin Janas

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The Power of Email Clients: Why Did We Redesign Thunderbird?
Update (16.01.17): Our Thunderbird redesign drew a lot of buzz from industry press. Now we teamed up with Mozilla Thunderbird core team to think how we can upgrade current look and feel of the product. Maybe using the...
Paweł Hawrylak

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UX of Teamwork
Everyday there are questions to be asked Back-end and front-end developers, PMs, UX and UI designers — we use and we make technology. This business inevitably experiences ebbs and flows giving us new highs and lows; as...
Błażej Chwoła
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